The last creature of the great N is the first true hybrid console in history , its nature places it in a very special niche, which is why it is crucial to choose the best accessories for Nintendo Switch .

Il 17 K Group has selected for you a series of accessories that are essential to protect and exploit all the potential of your Nintendo Switch . We have divided them into categories to make consultation easier.


Glasses protecting display

Tempered glass by amFilm

This particular protective glass is sold in double pack, has a thickness of 0, 33 mm and a transparency of 99. 9%. The ideal solution to protect the glass of your Nintendo Switch from drops, even in versions for Nintendo Switch Lite .

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Tempered glass of Orzly

The tempered glass of Orzly is slightly thinner (0, 24 mm) and has a transparency of 94%. Completely covers the original glass to protect the display, leaving openings for speakers and microphone.

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Protective shells

UGreen scratch-resistant TPU cover

Ugreen produces a protective shell for Nintendo Switch in TPU that protects the console with Joy-Con inserted by falls and rough surfaces. In rigid transparent plastic, the cover allows insertion into the Dock when it is mounted.

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JETech Flexible TPU Cover

JETech offers a flexible TPU cover that protects the console in the back and along the contour of the console, leaving the front uncovered. This cover also allows insertion in the Dock and is available in various colors.

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Cases for consoles and / or cartridges

Orzly – Travel case

For those who want to spend little, Orzly offers a very interesting EVA case with a sober look. Besides the console it is possible to bring some accessories and 8 game cartridges with you.

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BigBen Official Mario Odyssey Carrying Case Deluxe

BigBen offers a themed travel case Mario Odyssey , officially licensed by Nintendo. The case is well cared for and offers an attractive livery. In addition to the console, it is also possible to carry some accessories and some cartridges with you.

Click here to buy the product on Amazon.

Clicking here you can buy the Zelda themed case

Cables, Power Supplies and PowerBank

USB type-C cable – Type A

Autkors USB-C Cable 2x2m

Two excellent Type C to Type A USB cables: Nylon coated copper cable and aluminum connectors. Excellent to withstand over time and of the right length to be able to recharge our favorite console wherever we are.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Network charger

Aukey C wall charger

It costs only 6 euros more than the original Nintendo charger but has 3 important advantages : two outputs (usable simultaneously), one type A and one type C (so you can use the same cables you use for your smartphone); 30 W output to recharge faster both the Nintendo Switch and your Smartphone. It is also quite compact and light

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Dazzne GULIKIT Powerbank

A classic powerbank from 10 Ah with the particularity of having a support to place it on back of our Nintendo Switch.

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EasyAcc Powerbank 20 Ah

A powerbank for each use from EasyAcc , a company with decades of accumulator experience. Well 20. 000 mAh to recharge, not just our Nintendo Switch , but also the pad and all our devices. With 4 outgoing USB-A ports you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, as well as a handy flashlight. Compatible with Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charge protocol

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TUTUO USB C to HDMI adapter

This adapter is an interesting compact alternative to the Nintendo Switch Dock Station for connecting our console to the TV and powering it properly, without the bulk of the original solution.

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Joypads and accessories

Original Nintendo Pads

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you use your Nintendo Switch mainly on the TV at home or in any case while it is in its convenient Dock, the Pro Controller it is a forced choice. The Joy-con do not reach the comfort and precision of this controller. He also has sensor NFC for the activation of Amiibo and the internal battery (rechargeable with USB Type-c cable) lasts very long . Really high quality plastics, the same for the finishes.

Buy on Nintendo the Pro Controller of Nintendo, clicking here

Joy-With Nintendo Switch

A second pair of Joy-Con are indispensable if you want to play together with other friends: let it be a group game Mario Kart or a game session a Mario Party , there is no better choice to share the fun.

Here you can buy, on Amazon, the classic Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch and choose the colors or bundles you prefer

Compatible pads

TUTUO Wireless Controller

If you want to save something compared to the original Pro Controller this controller inspired by the original is a good alternative. At about half the price it remains a good product.

Buy it on Amazon

Hori Controller HORIPAD

From Hori this pad comes with an official Nintendo license; it is wired but has a turbo function and an interchangeable D-Pad. A good product at about half the price of the original one.

Buy it on Amazon by clicking here

Hori Battle Pad

If you are an incurable nostalgic Nintendari you cannot miss these style controllers Gamecube licensed Nintendo and produced by Hori . Themes Luigi, Mario, Peach, Pikachu and Zelda are available

Click here to buy them

STOGA Wireless Controller

Here is an interesting replica of the original Nintendo Joy-Con, produced by STOGA . They completely replicate the functions of the original ones, but can also be loaded with a USB-C cable. Ideal for saving something and getting a bit of versatility.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Accessories for Controllers

MoKo Grip Connector Kit

A set of accessories for JoyCon very interesting. It allows you to mount both on different types of frames in order to find the best configuration for everyone's hands. To be taken into consideration if the support provided in the console package does not satisfy you.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Charger Dock 5 in 1

This accessory by Beboncool is quite interesting because, unlike other similar products, it allows the recharging of 4 joycons and a Pro pad, simultaneously. All at a very attractive price.

Buy it on Amazon by clicking here

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip

This is the original support Nintendo on which the JoyCon are inserted; very similar to the one included in the console package, with the only difference that this grip can be connected to a USB-C cable for charging Joycon. If you really need it it will cost you about half of an Original Pro Pad

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ORZLY Compatible Grip

This interesting accessory allows us to hold a Joycon at a time with a noticeable improvement in ergonomics . Seriously evaluate this purchase if you often play with friends on a single console.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.


TFY Silicone Support for Headrest

Essential accessory if you often travel by car with your children or with your dad. It allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, games or videos on Youbube, while sitting comfortably in the car.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Hori PlayStand

Another Dock for our Nintendo Switch ? More than a dock, it is a stand that could be useful for traveling, as it takes up little space: it is foldable. You can make it yours in the Zelda, Mario and USB Multi-port versions.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

ESYNiC 3in1

The picture speaks for itself. With this kit you can take away all the “whims” you want. If mini-games with friends are your daily bread, here you are served.

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SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC Memory Card from 128 GB

This is the most important accessory for your Nintendo Switch . Photos, videos, rescues and entire games downloaded from Nintendo's eShop, all go to this memory card. This one in particular is rather large and fast. You will forget to have entered it.

Click here to buy it on Amazon at a very interesting price.

If you prefer the official red certified version, click here.

Here instead if you prefer the version of Zelda.

Here for the exclusive yellow version from 256 GB.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

And last but not least, a Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to use your favorite wireless headphones with the Nintendo Switch. To be evaluated if you hate the cables to death.

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This time we have finished, but stay tuned with the 17 k Group , the recommendations for the purchases also for other consoles!


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