The activities of GTA Online do not stop. Also this week, Rockstar Games has published a new update. We start with the Ocelot Jaguar .

This sporty model slides on the asphalt with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel … if the surgeon had the impact strength of different kilonewtons and the ability to drop unprecedented mangroves

The Ocelot Jugular is now available from Legendary Motorsport

But it certainly does not end here and here is all the news this week in the multiplayer appendix of Gran Theft Auto V.


Claim your right to the throne in King of the hill , the new mode in which up to 16 participants are fighting in teams of 2-4 players for real lineage. Choose a weapon, reach a position of advantage and impose your domain on seven maps scattered throughout San Andreas.

You can start King of the hill in the following ways:

  • Selecting Series in evidence in the start menu
  • Going to the Series icon highlighted on the map.
  • From the Online menu, in the Activity section> Created by Rockstar.
  • From the Quick Game app on your game phone.

Who will take the field in King of the hill will receive GTA $ and RP double until 16 October


Leading players in the crime field will get GTA $ and RP double from all Customer Activities up to 16 October. Use your Terrorbyte's touchscreen to find out if Paige Harris needs help to retrieve something from some rich guy .

If your warehouse for special loads overflows with goods of contraband, perhaps it is the case to empty it. Fortunately for those who trade in electronic tarot and counterfeit goods, this week's special cargo sales missions will pay out GTA $ double .

Scammers who want to try their hand at Customer activities or missions with special loads may enter into business with one discount of 40% on the Benefactor Terrorbyte and on warehouses for special loads .


Who has linked their Social Club account to GTAV and RDR2 and will access GTA Online before 12 December will receive a free exclusive version of the Assassin Mask in Red Dead Online. The mask will be sent automatically to the wardrobe.


Take advantage of the free ride to the lucky wheel to win GTA $ , RP , clothing and so on. The first prize of the week is the Prince Deveste Eight .


This week, moreover, the casino shop offers many exclusive items on offer, such as limited edition clothing and decorations that will tear up an “Ah.” To friends, relatives and guests.


Look reality in the face: arriving at the Diamond on a beat-up yellow taxi you won't impress anyone. Fortunately, this week there are discounts on many luxury vehicles like the fast Progen Emerus and the luxurious Enus Paragon R , not to mention of offers on bullet-proof vests, warehouses for special loads and others:

  • Benefactor Terrorbyte – 40 Discount%
  • Warehouses for special loads – 40 Discount%
  • Progen Emerus (supercar) – 25 Discount%
  • Ocelot Pariah (sportsman) – 35% discount
  • Enus Paragon R (sport) – 35 Discount%
  • Grotti Turismo R (supercar) – 35 Discount%
  • Karin Sultan RS (supercar) – 35 Discount%
  • Dewbauchee Specter (sportsman) – 35% discount
  • Vapid GB 200 (sporty) -35 Discount%
  • Annis Elegy Retro custom (sport) – 35% discount
  • Armored vehicles – 40 Discount%
  • Bulletproof rubbers – 40 Discount%
  • All ammunition – 40 Discount%
  • Bulletproof vest – 40 Discount%


Twitch Prime members who have linked their Rockstar Twitch and Social Club accounts Games by October 6 can now redeem their free main penthouse in play through the website on their iFruit. After this date, players with linked accounts who have missed the deadline can take advantage of up to 16 October of a refund on the purchase of the main attic. Furthermore, the players who will link their accounts will be able to buy the bunker of Lago Zancudo and the hangar of Fort Zancudo 3499 with a refund of 100% of the price of the basic property, in addition to receiving one extra discount of 10% on vehicles and items already on offer listed above, and one discount of 75% on supercars Cheval Taipan and Overflod Autarch . To take advantage of future bonuses, go to the website of Twitch Prime and register.

Follow the Newswire in the coming weeks to learn more about new game dynamics, new vehicles and other updates. See also the page of Social Club events for a complete list of all the special active events, bonuses and discounts available in GTA Online

Visit the Rockstar Support site to discover details and limitations.

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