Change patch coming in November.

The publisher GungHo Entertainment has announced that its HD remaster of the beloved GdR Grandia 1 and 2 will go on PC on 15 October. Also, a patch for Grandia HD Collection on Switch is promised for November.

While Grandia 1 and 2 arrived in a single bundle on Switch, GungHo will release its HD remasters individually on PC. This is probably related to the fact that a version of the second game is already available on the platform, in the form of Grandia 2 Anniversary Edition – and this will be updated and renamed to Grandia 2 HD Remaster as 15 October.

Both PC remasterers will feature English and Japanese audio, improved sprite and graphics, user interface improvements, widescreen support and customizable resolutions. Grandia HD Remaster also offers Steam Achievements, as well as controller and keyboard support with remapping.

In the announcement of the PC release date, GungHo also addressed “Feedback and comments” regarding the Grandia HD collection on Switch. The publisher states that a patch will arrive on the Nintendo console on 12 November – more details will be provided in a second time – and that the PC version “will replicate the same experience”.

If you are not familiar with the Grandia series, Matthew Reynolds of Eurogamer shared his fond memories of the first two games when the HD Passa Collection arrived last month. “Grandia and its sequel may not be the greatest role-playing games”, wrote , “But they encapsulate so many things about why I love to interpret them; the joy of meeting new exotic locations and discovering their mysteries … and, of course, the beating heart that makes you get through everything – the fight. Despite being born in an overcrowded golden age for the genre, Grandia still stands out as a favorite of many, and this package – the warts and everything else – will help you understand why. “


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