About a month after the launch, the lucky ones chosen by Ubisoft had the opportunity to participate in the Beta private Ghost Recon Breakpoint , title representing the followed direct by Wildlands .

The successful video game saga, modeled on the literary creations of the late Tom Clancy, will take us to the island of Auroa, a paradise lost in the Pacific Ocean owned by the multinational Skell Technology.

The island should have been a safe haven for the best scientific minds on the planet , a place to shape ideas and the best tools to guarantee a prosperous future to humanity. As often happens in these cases, something went wrong: communications are suddenly interrupted and a task force of Ghost is sent with the task of doing light on the situation and restore contacts with the outside world

The helicopters sent, with our character on board, will not even be able to land on Auroa: a swarm of drones will fall on the transports, making them crash on the ground one after the other. The mission then immediately turns into what Ghost Recon Breakpoint appears for the rest of the trial of this Beta: let's forget daring firefights in open field, the title will test us (especially on higher difficulty) in a continuous and brutal struggle for survival , in which we will be prey to Wolves , ex Ghost become traitors, eager to get their hands on the technological potential present on Auroa

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Numerous enemies, well armed and of various nature, divided into zones characterized by a increasing level , which obliges the player to increase his own statistics and to improve your own equipment before you can explore a given portion of the map. It will not be possible, therefore, to freely explore Auroa (at least in principle), we will have to adapt to the presence and strength of our enemies to be able to move between different areas

Not only numerical superiority: the Wolves will also make use of a more than discreet hi-tech arsenal , characterized by drones of various kinds, which will be able to land you and end your game in a few seconds .

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What Auroa puts us in front of is therefore an environment that forces the player to a prudent and furtive approach , to to observe in detail the battlefield and to deeply stratify a strategy of approach before facing a fight.

A positive note positive in this sense is represented by the possibility of exploit the environment to your advantage: we will be able, for example, to exploit mud and grass to increase our capabilities mimetic , remaining invisible even a few steps away from our human enemies.

Net of the good feelings derived from the perception of a living and dynamic environment , thanks to the presence of a good variety of wild animals with which you can interact, the Beta (tested on Xbox One S ) has unfortunately returned Some doubts.

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Making the first approach difficult, in fact, was the management of the camera , whose oscillation not very fluid , combined with some drop in frame rate , made moving in certain situations rather unpleasant. Overall, the title does not appear just satisfying from the point of view of detail , not even in the intermission sequences, mainly because of undefined facial expressions .

Ubisoft therefore apparently still has several things to fix before launch, however it is nevertheless necessary to underline that it is only a beta .

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting from 4 October . Have you got to try the beta? What impression did you make of the state of the game? Tell us your experience in the comments!


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