Keep in mind the GAME: in which store did we escape to take video games?

I affectionately acknowledge that I go to those stores to look for used stocks and expose uncommon precious stones. This is surely how I stopped playing Demon’Anime for the first time.

There was a ritual quality: getting the sport, getting on the bus, opening it and studying the manual on the model of the house. Do you keep the manuals in mind? This was all before GAME decided that his only opinion of the industry was to have the shop with tacky Funko Pops and load an extra extra for used games than they cost unusual.

As it is 2019, the unusual opinion of the GAME sector is the sharing of social media and the indignation of the Internet by meals in a can. The Christmas Tinner turns to the “lazy player”, which seems a bit silly because a lazy player can even stutter quite a splendid meal from a neighborhood takeaway with a couple of clicks. Quiet, there's no reason to talk to GAME, then.

Here is the generous blurb:

“The” Christmas Tinner “is clever: a 3-course meal in a box for those hardcore players who do not wish to move their gaming chair on Christmas day. All you have to pause is to start from the damage and train from morning to dessert …

“You would now also recover your nail polish in the GAME game all day without having to go out for a bite of your favorite festive meals, listen to Uncle Nigel's damaging jokes or forced rescue to bathe.”

Shut up, GAME. Be quiet.

The “meal” contains a layer of scrambled eggs and bacon, two minced pies, turkey and potatoes, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussels and stuffing, carrots and parsnips, all stacked on a Christmas pudding . It seems to generate the contents of someone's intestine and I would not feed it to a dog.

You would now also have a vegan option, which is a minimum, perhaps a little less disgusting, since it is not a pile of stuffed offal in a metal tube.

Modification: curiously, GAME has been doing it for years, but the vegan option is the facts. It's restful, fucking disgusting and a flabby effort to claw is a little relevant. Within the sentences of Santa Claus, “No”.


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