Frogger in Toy Town , a video game available exclusively on Apple Arcade, by Konami Digital Entertainment, will soon have a new mode op for two players.

By selecting the ‘CO-OP Play’ option in the main menu, users can invite a second player as a guest. In the single player mode the little frogs run away when the player hits obstacles, the CO-OP mode instead offers a second chance to save the frogs that will head in the direction of the second player.

Konami itself also announced that additional content will be added in December, including the new winter game setting Winter Nightmare which will be added to the other three themed settings: Suburban House , Hobby House and The Mansion already available now in the game. In addition, Winter Nightmare includes custom vampire, skeleton and ghost catcher costumes for your frog. Players will face mysterious animated eyeballs, strange pumpkins and terrifying bears. More information on the contents of this update and the release date will be announced soon


Frogger in Toy Town is a hilarious action game featuring beautiful and colorful 3D graphics. Players can also play with friends and family in local cooperative multiplayer mode. Published for the first time in 1981, Frogger is one of the most classic arcade titles ever where players are called to guide his frog towards his den avoiding dangers such as cars, alligators and snakes. This video game has appeared on many platforms over the years and has been played by millions of fans around the world.

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