SI has revealed that, the last chapter of the successful series, Football Manager 2020 , Will be the first to be distributed in more ecological packaging:

“Due to the current climate emergency, we have decided that from now on we will distribute our games in the most ecological way possible,” said Jacobson. “To this end, we worked with our colleagues from our publisher SEGA to develop a new packaging, replacing the old-style plastic case with a new recycled cardboard backing 100%, printed with vegetable ink and sealed in a cellophane 100% recyclable.

“Of course, this new packaging is more expensive than traditional packaging – about 30% more expensive, in fact – but we believe this is a cost worth paying for. I would ask anyone involved in the development, creation or production of plastic packaging in one of the entertainment industries to take a look at the many ecological options available to them, support the extra costs and carry out the conversion.

“Furthermore, there are other savings: the distribution costs and the quantity of fuel used would be reduced as the packaging 100% recyclable is lighter than the standard one. Destruction costs are cheaper because the packaging can be recycled rather than dumped. But there is still a small impact on the bottom line, which we believe is a price worth paying to help protect the planet's future. “

Football Manager 2020 will be packaged in recycled cardboard at 100%, will have a manual printed on recycled paper 100% and cellophane in low density polyethylene (LDPE) completely recyclable. The only part of the package that will not be easily recyclable will be the DVD itself, but this too can be readapted by specialized companies (a list of which will be published on the Football Manager website). The new packaging materials will save around 55 g of plastic for each physical unit produced. During the entire life cycle of the game, this could result in savings up to 20 tons of plastic packaging

More details on the materials used to make this new packaging, including potential suppliers, can be found on the Football Manager website: 20 – packaging


Football Manager 2020: Sports Interactive sfida l'industria dell'intrattenimento cercando soluzioni alternative all'imballaggio di plastica

Article Name

Football Manager 2020: Sports Interactive challenges the entertainment industry looking for alternative solutions to plastic packaging


Miles Jacobson OBE, Studio Director at Sports Interactive (SI), the London-based video game developer behind the international best-selling series Football Manager, challenged the entertainment industry – music, film and video games – by deciding to abandon plastic packaging to adopt more sustainable packaging solutions.


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