You trained to face this moment! Although you are nothing more than a novice magician, you have what it takes to face the threats of the magical world of Citadel Forged With Fir e ( book your copy ).

Venture deep into the three Abandoned Crypts. Each of them possesses glory, riches and special themed armor that will help you in the battle against the bosses to come. Pay attention to the evil that lurks in each of the crypts. Show your strength and become a true magician. The huge sandbox online role-playing game Citadel: Forged With Fire will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, in physical and digital edition, 1 November.

In Citadel , aspiring magicians will be able to learn the art of spells, flight and construction, to forge alliances, to form a house and then an empire. As a wizard apprentice, your nascent powers can be used against magical creatures, both good and bad, and in all of Ignus's unexplored world. Collect resources, establish bases, cast spells and grow your arcane skills to prepare yourself for the dark dangers that await you.


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