The boys of Rockfish Games have a lot to be happy about: their new title, Everspace 2, has come to 560. 069 dollars on Kickstarter , thanks to the support of 7. 979 supporters.

The campaign, game with a goal of 450. 000 dollars , is by far the most ambitious crowdfunding video game campaign from Germany in this year. The developers reached the goal of the initial campaign in a brilliant final sprint.

The latter is joined by the first objective The Ancients' Rift, unlocked only 22 hours later, a few minutes before the end of the harvest. Thanks to this extreme goal, brave space pilots can expect extra precious loot and increasingly difficult challenges in the final game.

Supporters who supported the Standard Edition are looking forward to playing the trial version that was shown in numerous game events. This version should be released to supporters in mid-December 2019. The Hamburg-based team is currently adapting the beta, with different levels of performance and graphics options to offer the best possible gaming experience even at this early stage.

The developers team recorded a short vlog thanking their partners and outlining some subsequent steps for the project:

Fans who have lost the campaign, can participate in the project or get a pre-order discount of 12% on the version steam early access , inside the Rockfish Games Store . A selection of awards from the Kickstarter campaign is also available, such as various levels of pre-anticipated access and digital delicacies such as the original soundtrack or the art-book

Michael Schade , ceo and co-founder of Rockfish Games, said:

After, thanks to our fans, we reached the financing goal with an incredible effort on Sunday evening, we saw our community keep the fighting spirit even during the live streaming of four hours to unlock the first goal, too before the end of the campaign Monday midnight. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the passion and trust shown by our fans. We are well aware that this is not obvious today. We would like to express once again our deepest gratitude to all supporters. Now we can develop Everspace 2 as expected in close connection with our community. Furthermore, as requested by our fans, we want to release it first on Steam Early Access in September 2020.

Article Everspace 2 celebrates the goal on Kickstarter comes from IlVideogioco.com .


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