Third chapter of our eSports series. Let's examine the most prestigious eSports championships.

The World Championship of League of Legends, Major of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, The International by DOTA 2 or EVO of fighting games … What are the most important eSports championships? important in the world? We analyze them with the journalist Jaime Mellado of eSportsmaniacos in 3DGames with friends of San Miguel in our third chapter of the series The eSports Today .

San Miguel and 3DJuegos will continue to collaborate with the last episode of the series, dedicated to the most important talents of eSports and in preview at the end of December on our usual channels. Feel free to enjoy the two previous chapters of the eSports Today series where we review the best eSports teams and the best Spanish electronic sports players in history with Enrique Montero, publisher of eSports at the Millennium.

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