A new frontier of entertainment

Competitive gaming understood as that of tournaments and better known by the name of eSport is a reality now consolidated in the videogame world, capable of attract a large presence of spectators both physically and online and it is no coincidence that the challenges take place within spaces, the arena, which sometimes has nothing to envy in size to that of a real stadium. This premise can then help us to understand a phenomenon (for us Italians it is only at the beginning) that is coming forward and that concerns the close bond that can be established between two subjects apparently arranged on different levels, but which on the contrary have much in common. and which above all have a lot to communicate to the public from a cultural and social point of view: eSport and Music .

What I intend to underline is not so much the turnover and therefore of money that thrives around this type of competition and that can be safely seen as forms of investment by anyone including, for example, record companies such as Universal Music Group and Enter Records or the disc jokey and record producer Steve Aoki , as well as the live performances of musical Crew or singers during the development of tournaments considered a moment of entertainment , but just as important for making their albums and music known and promoted.

In all this discourse there is not even the participation of local institutions. Last year Singapore was the home of the Hyperplay of Riot Games which with MTV organized a festival that saw the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the National Youth Council of the Asian city and was broadcast live on TV and on streaming platforms with dedicated channels (Spotify, Amazon Music and Twitch) bringing on stage a League of Legends tournament and several internationally renowned artists. It was not the only case, because we can remember the PLAY Festival event of the Insomniac, obviously always based on the eSports associated this time with dance music and ICBC e-Sports & Music Festival in Hong Kong, sponsored by the Tourism Board of the Chinese metropolis.

What we are talking about is therefore an interesting aspect of the many facets of entertainment that is not yet completely definitive, if anything in constant evolution where it has been observed that the border between the “spectator and player”, once well defined, now it is labile, inconsistent, it is not clear, in fact, where the one ends and the other begins since eSport and music move the same strings of the soul.


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