You also received the first big stab offered by Bungie with an offer similar to a “battle pass” with a seasonal classification system

Starting, you will be given Eriana's Promised Portable cannon at level 1, a weapon that can only be described as “heavy” as it uses special ammunition, blows up shields and inflicts damage of great precision, at the cost of low loaders, movements and slow recharging. In short, in principle it is not a bad weapon.

You will also get the quest for its catalyst from Banshee shortly after getting it. This asks you to use Eriana's promise in the crucible, gamble or assault activities, to take account of your progress there is a percentage fill indicator. An indicator that actually … does not fill up.

I thought I was missing something. I made about five assaults and two Crucible matches with Eriana's Promise and I saw that my counter had only increased by 1%. This implied that I would have to carry out hundreds of activities to fill it, making it the longest completion of the aforementioned catalyst

but a little trick has been discovered thanks to our readers, and now we are here to share it with you. In this way you won't waste your time bringing with you the cannon in question in every activity.

In the newly introduced Pass Season there are two boosts regarding our catalyst. At the level 11 you will get the first of these which will double the progress achieved during the catalyst quest at the level 22 instead you will get the other boost which will triple your progress

A few words to the wise … what are you waiting for?


La Promessa di Eriana non è buggata, ecco cosa sta succedendo

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Eriana's promise is not buggy, that's what's happening


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