We have already told in a guide like the branch Elemental Fists of Amara in Borderlands 3 can be built until it reaches its milestone, “Forced transfer” , focusing the character on elemental damage. Now let's go instead to see how it is possible to develop good synergies with the other branches, aiming at the cap of 50 levels currently set in the title.


Arrived at the level 28 we can finally get one of the milestones placed on the bottom of a skill branch, opening the way, as traditionally happens in the series, to builds that mix the powers of several branches at a time.

As we know , the branches Violence and Mystical assault offer the first a set of combat buffs at close range and physical endurance, while the second relies on providing general buffs to weapon damage and action skill. Both constitute a valid complement to Elemental Fists , in fact more generally it is a good idea to aim for a hybrid build, which exploits both the skill tree.

In the previous guide we recommended a build in which the action skill was based on modifiers Eternal Fist and Attraction : the first thing that you will have to consider highly is abandon this pattern and opt for more complex variants, which draw from the branches on which you will invest your skill points.


How to build the Violence branch in synergy with Elemental Fists. Excellent balance between elemental and body-to-body performance

A build that mixes these two branches makes Amara virtually immortal, giving it too much physical resistance and health regeneration for the enemies to break it down. In general, this build is great for facing the game on higher difficulties, given that the increase in difficulty found in the endgame, in Chaos mode or in the Mode Vero Cacciatore is quite impressive, to the point that without a means to increase the physical resistance we will easily find ourselves fighting for life .

The most important buff that this branch provides is a noticeable increase in melee damage through the milestone “Find your center” , in synergy with the milestone “Illuminated Fists” of the branch Elemental fists . The buff is definitely marked and can be further enhanced by the legendary class mod Solitary Breaker , even if its use is not strictly necessary.

Very important role therefore play the milestones along the branch, in particular “Guardian Angel” e “Who makes the wait” , which crown the ability to inflict elemental damage and the physical endurance of Amara.

A good build for this branch that maintains the Phase is one that uses modifiers “The law of the fist” and “Revelation “ , as this greatly increases the ability of the action ability to inflict damage by accumulating groups “Samsara” , thus increasing health regeneration and weapons damage


These are the points where you should invest always and in any case , if make a mixed build between all three branches.

Our advice is to build this branch using equally 5 points in the skill “Clarity” of the branch Violence : the health regeneration induced by this skill in fact has a rather important role in ensuring the survival of the character, it also allows access to the modifier “Tigre della Rovina” , making it possible to choose any element of the skill Action: Electricity, Fire, Corrosion.

As suggested for the previous build, it is advisable to invest in skills that provide physical resistance to the character when you reach the level cap and engage in endgame activities, since the game becomes more stringent on the difficulty. No character durability buffs are provided by the branch Mystic Assault , except for a life theft modifier effect Spiritual suction . In truth this modifier is more suitable if used on phase evocation and not on phase narrowing, which is why, if you intend to maintain the branch's ability to act Elemental fists , you should still invest in the Violence branch, maxing out the skills “Clarity” and “Samsara” .

How to spend points on the Mystical Assault branch in a balanced build between all three branches.

Our suggestion in this case is to maximize the skills at the base of the branch and activate the milestone “Ascension” , which provides important buffs to the action skill. Regarding the latter, at this point you can opt for any action skills you want, in fact we could ascertain the goodness of the build with these specific couplings:

  • Eternal Fist e Attraction
  • The law of the fist e Mental Quiet
  • Liberation e Spiritual suction
  • Liberation and Mental quiet

Each of them has its pros and cons, we found instead poor results mixing Liberation and Attraction , the same with Eternal Fist e Mental Quiet : the first combination did not give particularly satisfactory results, while the second combination reduces the probability that the Eternal Fist phase can bounce between adjacent targets, in fact it will not take into consideration the enemies already close by the mental quiet

In general, this build is not one that we strongly recommend, but it can give satisfactory results if you use the Phase evocation , especially its variant Liberation .


At this point, if you want to invest in a build that maximizes damage and completely sacrifices the character's durability, you can try this approach, where the branch Violence . Certainly it will be more difficult to play solo, but the character could be particularly strong and efficient in the use of weapons and action skills.

The possibilities building on this branch are many, you will have to take a lot into consideration which variant of the action skill to use: with Phase tightness e Eternal fist you should focus more on weapon damage and on everything that involves an increase in elemental damage performance, while with The law of punch and any variant of the phase evocation it is worthwhile to invest in upgrades for the skill of action, that is to say also to reduce the recharge time.


With this variant you will have to bet as much as possible on the weapon damage, especially the efficiency with the elemental weapons will be highlighted.

While not compromising at all the flexibility that the game leaves us on the choice of ability to give, the best result is obtained with Eternal Fist and Attraction . This build cannot equip a modifier for the corrosive element of the action skill.


With this skill set the builds based on action abilities like the phase evocation and his variants ; keep in mind, however, the fact that some legendary class mods that enhance the branch Elemental Fists provide an additional buff exclusively on phase close and its variants; in this case, you could run into some limitations, fortunately you can rely on the legendary class mods Phasezerker and Nimbus .


Pugni Elementali
A build entirely based on the branch Elemental Fists . The ability “infusion” is completely superfluous

It is also possible to try an approach where the attention is devoted almost entirely to the branch Elemental Fists , saving 5 points that would be completely superfluous on the ability “Infusion”.

This build works surprisingly well, as it still manages to access the corrosive action skill element, but also to provide the right physical resistance to the character, especially thanks to the 5 points invested in the skill “Sostentamento” .

In the images below you can see how we invested points in the other branches to get some extra buffs


Whatever your choice, Borderlands 3 leaves you plenty of room for customizing your build, so don't stop at our tips, but experiment with the most possible to find the ideal scheme for your character.


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