The future has begun: Destiny 2 goes towards a new era . As well as the (now) independent development studio Bungie . Both, in fact, both the game and the software house, make an important step today (October 1). Epochal according to the developers.

In the new vision, Destiny 2 will become a single world in constant evolution where friends can play together when and where they want. And the title becomes free-to-play for PC, PS4 and Xbox One .

Luke Smith, game director of Destiny, wrote on Bungie's blog :

During 2019 we have developed and shared a clearer vision of Destiny, like never before. We will finally realize that Destiny 2 that we have always wanted: a world that you and your friends can significantly change and where you can create your memories. October 1st is the first step in the new life of Destiny 2. It's not just the next chapter of Destiny 2, it's our chapter. And we're just warming up.


Here are the contents that will be immediately available to all guardians:


Now the game is free for everyone and will be a new entry point for newcomers, which puts the game worlds (and all its modes, activities and rewards) in the hands of each player, without no obstacle to enter. In addition, players will be able to freely travel to any destination, including the Moon, and will even be able to take part in the first mission of the Deep Shadows expansion campaign. Now everyone can try their hand on all the main platforms.


The next chapter of Destiny 2 is Shadows from the Deep, where fans will join with an old ally of the first chapter, Eris Morn, to face new nightmares. The expansion is already available.

Guardians will return to our distorted Moon, altered and tormented by our past to face new threats and discover the latest additions to their custom arsenal. It is no longer the same Moon on which the guardians have awakened: new areas will be discovered, while once familiar places will be irretrievably changed

Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep represents the first level of expansion of content coming to the game and no purchase of previous content is required.


The new Season of the Timeless available within Le Ombre dal Profondo, offers free content to all and reveals a prophetic awakening of vex, war machines that travel through time and have decided to wage war with the guardians Moon while the latter seek a way to eliminate nightmares. As part of this vision of the organic and ever-changing world, the contents will be connected to each other in a deeper way between the various seasons and the players will witness important changes in the world of Destiny.


Steam, as you already know , it will be the new home for the Destiny community on PC . Current Windows players will be able to transfer all their progress and purchases to Steam for free, including guardians and deposits. All transfer details are available on


In this new era of Destiny 2, we are committed to unifying our global community. Cross save will be available on all supported platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia during the autumn. With Cross save you can access the same characters connected to a primary account, allowing you to unify your gaming experience with the same guardians on different platforms.


Many new guardians will arrive when Destiny 2 debuts on Google Stadia this fall. Stadia is a new Google gaming platform for playing AAA games on any type of screen

To learn more about Destiny 2 and Google Stadia visit the official Stadia page by going to this link .

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