With a press release, Bungie released details of the next live streaming dedicated to Destiny 2, to be held on Wednesday 11 September from midnight to hours 02: 00 Italian .

The direct will see the CEO of bungie, Pete Parsons , along with Phil Spencer , head of Microsoft's Xbox division, and will be broadcast on Mixer .

Parsons and Spencer will play the Playlist of Heroic Assaults and will give any player the chance to join them on this occasion. Players and spectators will be able to see their skills on the battlefield up close and will potentially win a special emblem to commemorate this game session with two video game industry titans (although one of them plays like a Hunter).

The recent introduction of the Cross Save has allowed these two friends to gather for an epic game session with the Guardians.

Bungie Bounty — Strike Team Edition

Destiny 2 on Xbox Live

Heroic Strike Playlist

Wednesday 11 September

Hours 24. 00 – 02. 00

www.mixer .com / Bungie

Destiny 2 will have two new launches on October 1st including the new Ombre dal Profondo expansion and the free-to-play version A new light. Destiny 2 will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC via Steam and later on Google Stadia. And you? will you be at the forefront this evening at midnight? Let us know in the comments if you try to join them!


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