With the release of the last Destiny 2 expansion, Ombre dal Profondo, the weblog title Bungie has undergone some radical changes. The most obvious consists without doubt in the advent of the version Free to Play of the game, called New Light .

Newcomers to the game will have the opportunity to approach the universe created by Bungie (in collaboration with Activision until January 2018) at no cost, starting their adventure by facing the same mission that the veterans of the first Destiny found themselves facing

Our spectrum brings us back to life at the foot of the outer walls of the Cosmodrome Russian, and leads us through it to reach an Arcadia Class Hypernave that takes us to the last city safely

Feels we have?

In this first, and now iconic, mission, we find the first ever weapon of the title: the common automatic rifle Khvostov 7G – 02 .

How to do it, however, for players already consolidated on Destiny 2?

In this regard Bungie has hidden in plain sight, in one of his quests introduced in Shadows from the Deep, a way to get some reward linked to that fateful first mission.


At the first arrival in Torre the Armaiolo Banshee – 44 will deliver you a new Exotic Enterprise : Pain and Earnings . The first step that the quest will require will be rather simple and straightforward: in fact we will have to complete u n any Lost Sector in the European Dead Zone , a Public Event in heroic mode and a Nightfall .

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If you are still at 750 or slightly higher in power do not worry, it will be sufficient to complete un Night falls Calvary with difficulty Adept : the recommended level will be just the 750 .

Once you have completed this step, you will have to visit the gunsmith again, who will give you the second, and last, passage: Pain and Gain .

This phase of the company requires completing the mission Risk / Earnings , or a selectable mission by opening the map of Terra on the Navigator. The mission will take us straight into the old Russian Cosmodrome, more precisely into Spartiacque .

Once you land in this area, the mission will require you to shoot down the Walker of the Fallen and three enemy Captains and it is here that Bungie has hidden his pearl. Every time we break down a Walker, in fact, we will have access to a box that will offer us as a reward one of three objects related to the first mission of the game: the envelope of the Spectrum , the Ipernave of Classe Arcadia and the trust Khvostov 7G- 02 .

Unique perk and impossibility of infusion, but we can later redeem this automatic rifle also from the collections.

You can stay in the area as much as you want: Walkers will continue to arrive, and you can quietly work out what you need before continuing with the mission.


At the end of this phase, the mission leads us inside the walls, in a backward path up to a new section hidden by one sluice which will open our Specter.

It will not be possible , unfortunately, to reach the first place of Spawn of our Guardian : we will find the path crossed at the point where we find the Khvostov in first Destiny.

Continuing, we will have to face a short section of jumps to get up to a hiding place of Cayde-6 where, in addition to finding a mountain of Ramen vouchers and references to the sympathetic General, we will be rewarded with the exotic arched submachine gun Risk Lover .

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Once the exotic is obtained, the mission does not end here: continuing along the road traced by the mission indicator we will arrive at clash with a large group of Caduti headed by Baron of Twilight Haviks , whose killing will allow us to obtain the Catalyst own of the Risk Lover .

The quest will end here: it seems pretty clear that Bungie's real goal is not to get an exotic (dating back to year 1 of the game) and its catalyst, but to bring back veterans where it all started, by doing so that they hold the first weapon of the game.

And you, have you already completed the business? What do you think of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep? Take a look at our review review and let us know your impressions of the new course of the Bungie title!


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