In the Limited Edition of Death Stranding for PS4 Pro one of the most interesting pieces is undoubtedly the DualShock 4 wireless controller whose ocher color and design (a handle has the head and hands of a newborn inside) are in line with that part of Sam's equipment that characterizes him so much among the many protagonists who animate the world of video games: I am referring to the transparent material of the capsule of the Bridge Baby and its contents.

It is news of these days that precisely on the wave of the great success of the game conceived by Hideo Kojima, the Australian company that operates under license in the field of gaming accessories and specializes in personalized objects, We Are Robots (WAR), has put on the market a truly surprising product . In fact, for an amount of about 300 euros (480 Australian dollars) the luckiest fans were able to buy the Bridges briefcase in which they are located two unique pieces: a controller in a plastic case inspired by Sam's uniform with personalized buttons, metal D-pad, metal levers and a touchpad that goes back in all the way to the packaging tape of Bridges and a support base of the same that cannot fail to attract the attention of collectors not only because inspired by the style of the BB pod with lots of of child in light yellow resin, but also for the Odradek scanner, iconic figure of DS, attached to the back of the support. The delivery should begin next March, to date this object that someone has called of the “desire” is already sold out.


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