It was presented with a small teaser. It will be released in the first months of 2020.

Since Dead Cells was previewed in the summer of 2018, the video game rogue-like no has stopped releasing new free content to expand his complicated and challenging adventure. The team will expand the software with its first paid DLC, The Bad Seed , on a date to be determined in the first quarter of next year 2020.

The content can be purchased for 4, 99 dollars and will include new challenges, two new biomes and a stimulating final enemy which, according to its developers, will be truly disturbing. You can access the content from one of the first areas of the game, which will facilitate entry for users who want to save Dead Cells on to be tested in the coming weeks .

The Bad Seed will come to PS4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PC . The launch of the payment DLC does not end with the free items: new items will continue to be added to the software in the coming months. Take a look at the analysis of Dead Cells to find out what made the software one of the most surprising versions of last year 2018 .

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