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Alongside the expansion of Netflix in the anime market, Netflix is ​​also adapting the fan favorite Bebop cowboy . The live action adaptations have been very impressed over the years but, hopefully, Netflix exceeds that stigma and can create something incredible. Here is your place for all the latest information on Cowboy Bebop including the release date, the plot, the cast and the Netflix trailer.

Cowboy Bebop is an original live-action science fiction series Netflix based on the eponymous manga by the author Hajime Yatate. Alex Garcia Lopez (Daredevil) will direct the series with twelve writers on board to help create the story, in particular Thor Ragnorok writer Christopher L. Yost is on board. Yost is also an executive producer of the series.

The manga debuted in September of 1997 in the monthly Asuka Fantasy DX and lasted until June 1998. A second series of manga began a month later and worked for another three volumes and ended in February 2000. The popularity of Cowboy Bebop skyrocketed and the anime adaptation followed soon after the first manga series. Both the manga and the anime have been critically acclaimed, becoming one of the most popular franchises of recent times 90 S. The legacy of Cowboy Bebop is still felt today as the series is still for many, one of the best souls ever created.

What is the plot of Cowboy Bebop ?

In the year 2071, most of humanity has colonized the planets and rocky moons of the solar system. About fifty years before, the Earth had remained uninhabitable after an accident with a hyperspace door. In the midst of the increasing crime rate throughout the solar system, the Inter-Solar System Police legalize bounty hunters. Known as “Cowboys”, they chase criminals through the solar system and bring them to justice.

Following these criminals is the crew of the spaceship Bebop. Spike Siegal, former assassin and exile member of the Red Dragon union and his partner Jet Black, former ISSP officer. The bewitching swindler Faye Valentine, Edward Wong the eccentric hacker girl and finally Ein the adorable Welsh Corgi genetically engineered with human intelligence.

Who is in the cast of Cowboy Bebop ?

The following cast members have been confirmed star in Cowboy Bebop :

Role Cast member Where did I see / hear them before?
Spike Spiegal John Cho Harold & Kumar | Star Trek | Research
Vicious Alex Hassell Two down | Suburbicon | Cold mountain
Faye Valentine Danielle Pineda Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | The Vampire Diaires | The deviation
Jet Black Mustafa Shakir Brawl in Cell Block 99 | Luke Cage | Cava

Rumors spread by a Bebop blog that a Husky was chosen as Ein instead of a Welsh Corgi.

According to the Bebop blog a Netflix spokesman commented on the change in the dog breed for Ein:

Nothing in the story says that Ein must be a Corgi and, honestly, a restart that precisely mimics the source material is boring. We've already seen that story.

The answer after the question about the potential kickback of the fans was very intriguing:

Just like the kind from which the show takes its name, sometimes it is better to do what is unexpected, what has never been done before. This is Bebop's ethics, and we are trying. We are sure that the real fans of the show will embrace this choice.

The “declaration” made was most likely false for a number of reasons. First of all, using the phrase “real fans” is a way to really tie the fan base together. The last thing you want to do is question the fans who love the franchise.

Second, writer and executive producer Christoper Yost acknowledged the rumors on Twitter and clarified any confusion about the race of Ein.

in the almost three years I worked on it, I didn't It was a single day in which ein was nothing but a Welsh corgi. # Bebop cowboy

– christopher yost (@yost) May 5, 2019

What is the production status of Cowboy Bebop Season 1?

Official production status: delayed for 7-9 months (Last update: 21 / 10 / 2019)

The series had started production but after an accident involving the main actor John Cho, the production was delayed .

Cho suffered an injury during the last resumption of a “well-established routine”, and returned to Los Angeles for surgery and then for extensive rehabilitation.

Production will restart once Cho has recovered and will be able to function.

There are images or still images of Cowboy Bebop Season 1?

There are still official images but instead, below are the cast and the characters they will play.

How many episodes will be Cowboy Bebop Season 1 aired?

Cowboy Bebop's first season will have ten episodes!

Netflix does not generally produce titles with more than 13 episodes.

How long the execution times of the 'episode?

There are no confirmations on ho w are long episodes of Cowboy Bebop. We are assuming that each episode will last about thirty or forty-five minutes each.

How much of the manga will be Cowboy Bebop cover?

Since the series will have ten episodes and each one will be about an hour- long, it will probably cover the whole story.

There will be a second season of Cowboy Bebop ?

The series has been recognized as a mini-series which would indicate that there are no plans for a second season.

There is a trailer for Cowboy Bebop Season 1?

There will be no trailer for Cowboy Bebop for quite a while 'of time!

When is the release date of Cowboy Bebop Season 1?

Our previous forecast was a release date in the second quarter. The release date of Cowboy Bebop will be rejected by a significant amount after the injury by John Cho on the set.

With a delay in production that will last at least seven months, this pushes the release date back by a significant amount. If we are lucky we will see Cowboy Bebop fall in the summer or fall of 2021.

Potential release date: summer / autumn 2021

Make fans of Cowboy Bebop Do you really want a live-action adaptation?

This is completely subjective among the fans themselves, so it's difficult for an outlet to tell what fans want or don't want.

This does not mean that live-action titles do not have their own fan base. If they didn't, no study in their right mind would continue to do it.

The general enthusiasm among fans when it comes to a live adaptation of classic anime titles is very poor. In most cases, live-action adaptations have failed to impress both critics and fans. Whether it's a slight alteration of character design or changes to the story, it is very difficult to impress when there is probably an already superior product available.

So now I learned the live action Cowboy Bebop has a husky who plays Ein, not a corgi. Jokes aside, @ netflix what the fuck? Why are you ruining the whole big anime ??

– Amanda Winn Lee (@amandawinnlee) April 7 2019

Fortunately we now know that the series will adhere to the original material and Ein will be a Welsh Corgi. Regardless, for a while the fans thought that Ein was chosen to be a Husky and this made many fans angry. Moving away from the source material is a way to really put off fans of a new adaptation.

Can't wait to publish Cowboy Bebop Season 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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