With a press release PoPCap (an Electronic Arts company) announced the release of Plants VS Zombies “The Battle of Neighborville” for owners of the Founder's Edition.

Plants vs Zombies: The Battle of Neighborville , a new title that gives welcome to gamers in Neighborville, a suburban scenario in which the struggle between vegetables and undead is always alive.

The title is the last chapter of the famous Plants vs Zombies which will offer a whole new way of playing.

Plants VS Zombies

In addition to an action level that fans of the saga have never seen in previous episodes, gamers will find themselves facing multiplayer battles in the nice middle of Giddy Park and to interact and make league with the other players.

Many dangers will await those who will enter the three locations present within the chapter: the residential area of ​​downtown Neighborville, the hot and dusty Mount Sleep and the mysterious and lush Weirding Woods.

The essence of Plants vs Zombies: The Battle of Neighborville is undoubtedly the electrifying multiplayer gameplay. 20 classes of characters to choose from , including welcome returns such as Peashooter and Chomper , as well as new acquaintances such as the master of shadows Night Cap and the queen of the funky Electric Slide.

There will also be a Team Play for each faction, Oak and Acorn, and Space Cadet.

In addition, gamers can join forces and play in co-op on split screen (Xbox and Playstation) and online in each of the 6 modes available .

And if it were not enough, after the official release of the game in October, you can take part in the Festivals to unlock new ones seasonal rewards.

Plants VS Zombies

For those wishing to jump into the fray before the official release, the Founder's Edition of Plants vs Zombies: The Battle of Neighborville su Origin for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

The Founder's Edition offers a preview of the title in which gamers can become Founding Neighbors and, once for each of the six weeks before the launch, discover the new game modes, settings and other in-game unmissable features.

In addition to the possibility of early access, the Neighbor Founders will receive exclusive rewards and can progress in the game towards the Standard Edition, to which will have access without further costs.

The Founder's Edition is available exclusively online from today until hours 18.00 of the 30 September at a special price of 29, 99 € e on Origin Access Premier.

“Plants vs Zombies: The Battle of Neighborville continues in its translation to bring unbridled fun among plants and undead in the craziest title there is .

With the exit of the Founder's Edition we embark on a new journey entirely dedicated to our community.

Every week the focus on one of the new ways to allow gamers to optimize their performance in the game, to obtain exclusive rewards and progress in the battle. “

Rob Davidson, Game Director of PopCap in Vancouver

Plants VS Zombies

The methods and features in the Founder’s Edition are definitive, even if the development team is always working to perfect their performances.

This will ensure a very high level of game quality for all players starting with the release.

In addition, the Founding Neighbors will obtain exclusive aesthetic rewards in the first four weeks in which they will be registered.

Among these, a Fire Defender set for Snapdragon, Ultimate Champ Star for the All-Star Zombies and Pea of ​​Valiance for Peashooter .

The News from Neighborville and Live from Neighborville will be broadcast live each week to connect the gamers and the developers themselves.

For all information, consult the official site.

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