Call of Duty

The long Season One of the Activision and Infinity Ward war title comes to an end in these hours and on the same day the new second season ready for players all over the world is on the horizon.

From 19: 00 of today, 11 February 2020 , will come made available through a download with an unknown weight, the entire new Season 2 which will bring some interesting news to the multi-player world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Similarly to the previous season, the Battle Pass obviously returns, a system of rewards at levels that are unlocked as you play accumulating the related “ Battle Pass Experience Points “.

The system consists of 20 free rewards available for all free of charge and others 80 which instead will be available only through purchase of the relative package at the cost of 1000 CoD Points ( about 9, 99 € ).

Alternatively you can buy a pack at 2400 CoD Points (about 19, 99 € ) which in addition to unlocking all 100 B levels attle Pass allows you to immediately get the first 20 and the related rewards immediately at the beginning of the season.

Within the Pass rare skins will be distributed for weapons and players, sprays, emblems, 2XP tokens and well 1300 CoD points that you can spend on cosmetic items in the store inside the game or save to buy the Battle Pass of the future Season 3.

For all those who purchase one of the two paid versions of the Battle Pass will be immediately given access to the new special operator Simon Riley AKA “Ghost” directly from the classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from 2009.

Outside the contents of the Season Pass this new season brings with it some news including:

  • The return of the Rust map of Modern Warfare 2
  • The new Earth War map: Zhokov Boneyard
  • A new collision map called Bazaar
  • New Khandor Hideout multiplayer map
  • A new 6 vs 6 map called Atlas Superstore
  • Two new weapons: AR Grau 5. 56 and the SMG Striker 45 (the old UMP. 45 of MW2 / MW3)
  • Other weapons (currently unknown)
  • New operators (Ghost, Talon and Mace)
  • Additional maps and content still unknown
  • New game mode (Battle Royale?)

Many players are complaining of the absence in the trailer of the modes Battle Royale and Earth War 100 vs 100 of which it had long been rumored in these months whose release could still take place during the Second Season or be postponed to the Third Season later in 2020.

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