The Destiny 2 Hero Solstice introduced a new area in addition to its activity, but the lack of Bungie control for AFK players or those who quit the game, ruined it within minutes.

As announced by Bungie yesterday, THEY HAVE THE SOLUTION!

But first of all let's try to understand what is behind this annoying problem.

Why do players leave the Game?

Let's talk clearly, the activities of the Solstice have a very accentuated and necessary grinding component, so players have reduced to the minimum the time necessary for each run.

That is, they enter the game, defeat the minibosses and when the time comes for the final boss they leave the activity so as not to waste time on an activity that serves no purpose.

How does Bungie plan to solve the problem?

In Destiny 2 we will see the miniboss necessary to complete the quests will no longer be 100, but will be reduced to 50 the 14 August.

To guarantee a lower number of “leavers” even the final bosses will now serve something, defeating them will count as 5 minibosses.

The future of MMOs is increasingly linked to player satisfaction, what do you think? Write to us in the comments!


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