As already mentioned a week ago , Gearbox wants to celebrate Borderlands' 10th anniversary with limited-time events. This is the second week of Borderlands anniversary .

If last week was dedicated to the legendary drop of particular bosses, this week, from 8 to 14 October , it's up to rare enemies .

These particular enemies may or may not have the probability of spawning and, for this reason, it is not common to meet them. During this weekly event some enemies of this kind have the guaranteed spawn at 100% and, in addition, with a increased probability of legendary drop .

More specifically we talk about:

  • Rakkman (Carnivora), which drops the legendary pistol Night Flyer
  • El Dragon Jr (Jackobs Estate), which drops the legendary artifact Unleash the Dragon
  • Road Dog (Splinterlands), which drops the legendary shotgun Redline
  • IndoTiranno (Floodmore Basin), which drops a random legendary skin
  • Trooper Battalion (QG Atlas), which drags casual legendary class mods
  • Demoskraggon (The Droughts), which casts legendary casual shields
  • The Unstoppable (Ambermire), which drops the legendary shield Band of Sytorak
  • Thunk & Sloth (Konrad's Hold), which drop the legendary mod grenade It's Piss
  • Maxitrilione (Voracious Canopy), which drops the legendary shotgun The Horizon
  • Borman Nates (Meridian Suburbs), who drops the legendary pistol Psycho Stabber
  • Princess Tarantella II (Splinterlands), who drops the legendary rocket launcher Hive
  • Mother of the Dragons (The Anvil), which drops random legendary artifacts
  • Red Jabber (Ambermire), which drops mod casual legendary grenades
  • Urist McIncursor (Lectra City), who drops the legendary sniper Masterwork Crossbow .

The next week of the Borderlands Anniversary bears the title of “Show me the Eridium”. Stay connected for further updates


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