As scheduled, the event Bloody Harvest , which crowns the cycle of temporal activities in honor of the 10th anniversary of Borderlands .

The event will last from 24 October to December 5 of this year.

The only requirement to participate is to have unlocked Sanctuary III and talk to a new NPC named Maurice .

Maurice is a Saurian and is able to communicate with humans thanks to a device created by Tannis .


  • New legendary weapon: the Fearmonger shotgun
  • New skin weapon
  • New weapon decoration
  • New skin for ECHO device
  • New player skins
  • New challenges
  • New enemies
  • New boss: Captain Haunt

That is, everything shown in trailer . To get the new skins you will have to complete the new challenges specially created by Gearbox , exclusive of the event, and impossible to find otherwise.

Pants so colorful remind of Beetlejuice, far away. Not found?


Maurice will be our contact for any activity concerning the Bloody Harvest. He will assign the secondary mission that will lead the Hunters of the Crypt to Heck , the setting in which the event will take place.

With the arrival of the Bloody Harvest, the so-called new enemies “Haunted”, “haunted”, will appear in every available planet in Borderlands 3. By killing these enemies the “ Hecktoplasm ” is collected, a collectible item necessary to complete the quest for Maurice who, once enough Hecktoplasm is received, will open the portal for l ' Heck .

There you will find Maliwan undead troops and, at the end of it all, the new boss Captain Haunt , who has a increased chance of finding the new shotgun Fearmonger on its corpse, once defeated

New mechanics introduced in Borderlands

In Bloody Harvest a new mechanic is introduced, the status “ Terror “, together with a new effect for consecrated objects. The two novelties are connected, as the Terror status, inflicted by the new enemies “Haunted”, involves malus in visibility and aiming with weapons and the new consecrated effect makes this debuff a buff for all purposes .


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