It was released by Gearbox the first really important update of Borderlands 3 . Let's look at the details and general changes together

General changes in Borderlands 3

In terms of stability, Gearbox intervened to fix several fatal program errors that led to a crash. What is more pressing, however, are the additions to the console version. It is now possible to activate the Chaos mode in True Hunter mode but, above all, it is also implemented on console the Photo mode , like the one already present on the PC version.

In addition, other improvements have been added regarding an easier use of matchmaking, specifying the game's Chaos modifiers, in terms of audio mix, adjusting the intro volume of the 2K and Gearbox logos, and many others available. here.

Vending machines

Gearbox has listened to requests that asked more vending machines and therefore placed new ones on different maps. Expect new ammunition and energy distributors outside of some boss arena and in some of the larger scenarios. Here are the places where the new vending machines will appear:

  • Athenas
  • Atlas QG
  • Skywell – 27
  • Lectra City
  • Jakobs Estate
  • Voracious Canopy
  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • Pyre of stars

Plans for the future of Borderlands 3

Performance and stability

Gearbox has every stability problem due to declines in framerate and freeze in the game, especially in the menus or when collecting items and quests. For this reason, announces that it is working on these aspects and expresses its willingness to publish improvements and corrections through the November patch


Gearbox accepts the practically choral request of users and announces that it has begun to work for expanding the space of the personal warehouse located on Sanctuary III. Further expansions for the warehouse will be made available in the future

Boss and dedicated loot

To reduce the amount of so-called world drops, Gearbox has taken into consideration the feedback of users who express the desire to have the possibility of finding certain items on certain bosses . This should make it easier to find some objects and less frustrating to build a build. Also this change could be inserted through the November patch .

Character enhancement

Gearbox seems to have taken into consideration the problems related to Iron Bear , the animals of FL4K and the Digi-Clone / SNTNL by Zane and set the goal to make the most possible builds usable. To do this, he is working to calibrate the damage of the skills and the equipment we have attached to them.

Chaos 2.0 and additional Chaos levels

After receiving the excellent feedback from the community, it has taken steps to elaborate a wide review with which to introduce several improvements in future updates.

The first update, which will be available in conjunction with Massacre to the secret Maliwan structure , will include Chaos 4 , the first new level of Chaos Mode. His enemies will be more challenging and will reward players who will use different builds in synergy.

Furthermore, Gearbox plans a radically different Chaos experience than has been experienced until now, since it plans to add more Chaos modifiers, add more interface support, insert Chaos playlists, new rewards and much more . However, Gearbox does not unbutton more than this, declaring that it wants to release more details close to the exit.

Jumpable movies and test dummy

Gearbox also has two very important additions in mind that could greatly improve the Borderlands 3 experience: the addition of a key to skip movies and, above all the introduction of a test dummy at the shooting range on Sanctuary III.

The first, by force of circumstances, becomes a necessity on the part of the player who wants to replay the title without having to watch all the cutscenes, while the test dummy is fundamental to perform experiments and test the effectiveness of prorpia build when this is damage output.


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