This week has in store for all Crypt Hunters engaged in Borderlands 3 new hotfixes . This week, Gearbox has placed the focus on legendary weapons, making further changes that bring a new balance to the objects in question.

Here the text original.

Hotfix weapons


  • Increased the damage of the SMG Westergun del 25%
  • Increased the sniper damage ASMD del 28%
  • Reduced the damage of the SMG Cutsman del 25%


  • Increased the damage of the SMG Ten Gallon of 8%


  • Increased the speed of reloading the assault rifle Sickle del 25%
  • Assault rifle damage increased Faisor del 15%
  • Gun damage increased Infinity del 40%
  • Increased damage to the gun Magnificent of the 25%
  • Increased damage to the rocket launcher Jericho del 40%
  • Reduced accuracy and maneuverability of the assault rifle Lucian's Call
  • Reduced the critical damage of Lyuda of 30% and fixed a bug that made him shoot an extra bullet


  • The damage of the assault rifle increased Try-Bolt del 25%
  • Assault rifle damage increased Alchemist del 25%
  • Gun damage increased Devil's Foursum del 13%
  • Reduced the damage of Flakker of the 33%. Moreover, now shooting consumes all the charger
  • The bullets fired from the Laser-Sploder now yes generate with an interval increased by 0.4 seconds


  • Gun damage increased Maggie del 35%
  • Shotgun damage reduced Hellwalker of 8%


  • Increased the damage of the shotgun Conference Call of 15%
  • Reduced the accuracy of the SMG Crossroad . Furthermore, 3 bullets are now fired instead of 4
  • Reduced shotgun accuracy Butcher . Furthermore, it inflicts reduced damage of 25%


  • Increased the damage of the SMG Vanquisher del 20%


  • Gun damage increased Skeksis del 15%
  • Increased damage to the gun Linoge del 20%
  • Assault rifle damage increased Pain is Power del 25%


  • Increased damage to the rocket launcher Ruby's Wrath del 10%


  • Reduced the damage of Hex del 70% . Moreover, its duration is reduced to 3 seconds
  • Increased the damage of Hunter Seeker del 25%
  • Reduced the damage of Firestorm del 70%

Manufactured goods

  • The maximum bonus provided for damage from the artefacts “ elemental projector “is reduced to 90%

Hotfix Hunter of the Crypt

Gearbox has also thought about improving some aspects of the characters that were lacking in the performance plan compared to others.

For this reason attention was paid to the durability of Zane's Iron Bear and Digi-Clone, as well as the animals of FL4K.

  • The health of Iron Bear del 50%
  • The health of all the animals of FL4K del 50%
  • Increased health of Digi-Clone del 100%
  • Fixed a bug that gave vital theft to the ability Salvation

Other bugs and adjustments

  • Psychos now use their name from Mode True Hunter in True Hunter Mode
  • Removed the optional missions of the rare enemies from the count of the completion percentage of the galaxy
  • Fixed a bug that did not make it hostile Completely Sane Sid using FL4K
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow Ratch's spawn in the secondary mission to Atlas QG (Ratch'd Up ), preventing its completion
  • Lowered the probability of get a weapon from Pachinko machines
  • Now the Digi-Clone is no longer generated inside the cage when one is at Cistern of Slaughter
  • Upgrades Shield Booster are automatically collected when generated
  • The extension ECHOcast now no longer classifies the cases of Eridium as Casse Rosse on Sanctuary III


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