Bloody Harvest

A little less than a month from the expiry of the Bloody Harvest, Gearbox continues with its hotfix and weekly readjustments based on user feedback. First of all, the development company wanted to modify various aspects of the Bloody Harvest event, streamlining the farming process and, subsequently, making other changes that we will shortly list.

Bloody Harvest

Here are the changes made to the contents of the aforementioned Halloween event:

  • Increased the probability of drop of Captain Haunt ;
  • Augmented shields of Captain Haunt;
  • Augmented the drop of Aghtoplasmi of ghosts: now i ghosts leave 2 , i hard ghosts 3 ei looters ghosts 5 ;
  • Increased the droprate of looters phantoms, with a further drop increase of exclusive legendary loot of the Bloody Harvest ;
  • Chances are reduced normal enemies have consecrated drops with Terror ;
  • Increase the chances that the enemies of the Bloody Harvest have ano drop consecrated with Terror;

General Hotfix

Last but not least, here are the changes made to Borderlands 3 in general:

  • Consecrated enemies are no longer immune to freezing damage , while maintaining immunity to the status of “frozen”;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the progress of “ Arms for Reliance “;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the lack of effects deriving from the explosion of gunpowder barrels
  • The explosions of weapons held by the tough now hamper less the view of the player


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