Borderlands 3 has been out for about a month, a period in which it has turned out an incredibly solid and faithful title to the classic formula of the series , making us rain on a mountain of high quality loot. Some players have already discovered several “loot caves” , places where it is possible to make excellent loot with a relatively low effort. We have (accidentally) discovered a new one, which although not the best among those discovered, it is possible to plunder without any effort .

During the main story of the game, in fact, there is a point where it is possible to repeatedly open boxes containing discreet loot, simply by continuing to exit and re-enter the game. To do this, just arrive at the cottage of Wrainwright Jakobs during the main mission “Gentleman hostage” , saving man and thus gaining access to two Jakobs coffers offered directly by our new ally.

Gentiluomo in ostaggio

If the player does not continue the main story, trying to free Sir Hammerlock from the anvil, the prison in which he is held hostage by the Children of the Crypt, can continue to go out and return from the game to the cottage and continue to open the boxes.

The procedure is clearly very complicated, but during the modality true hunter of the crypt ( TVHM ) and with Chaos modifiers active, often these boxes will provide excellent loot. In fact, already during the normal mode it was possible to obtain a legendary weapon from the opening of these cases, just when we accidentally discovered the existence of this farming spot.

Again, this is not the best farm point of the title , indeed, but requires practically no effort, regardless of the difficulty of the game, can also be exploited very well on PC , where thanks also to SSD loading times can be decidedly lower.

We also remind you that in Borderlands 3 there is also another place in the game that will allow you to get great loot, with high probability of finding legendary, and it is the cube of Nekrotafeyo .


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