There are many things that can be done frequently in Borderlands 3, which improve the gaming experience and which should be used whenever possible. We have therefore prepared a list with 5 “Best Practices” to follow when we are in the shoes of a crypt hunter in the latest Gearbox effort.


Borderlands 3 was able to prove to be a very generous title on the loot front, in fact unlike of the last two titles of the saga does not hesitate to let us find very rare and legendary weapons, giving a nice crackdown to the gameplay and avoiding confining the most beautiful part of itself to the endgame.

Not only did the spoils of the enemies and that of the coffers improve, in fact a significant change is that applied to slot machine , now decidedly more valid than those encountered on Sanctuary or Concordia on which we advise you to try your luck whenever return to Sanctuary III or when you happen to meet them around the map.

With a few minutes of attempts the probability of obtaining legendary or very rare items is high, making it worth investing all the money you have accumulated by looting the galaxy.


When you find a good quality weapon in Borderlands 3 , it is likely that you will carry it with you for some level, and then replace it with something more aligned to your new power level, just like it has always been in the saga. In this respect the title actually has an excellent inventory refresh rate , always remaining fresh and new during the course of history.

However, do not throw away the quality weapons you found : take them to Sanctuary III and put them in your personal safe , in order to share them with your future characters. Although it may not be necessary to take advantage of sharing the loot to fully enjoy the title, this will allow you to play other runs more planned and faster.


One of the most important features of Borderlands 3 is how this has revolutionized the system of action skills : you are now 3 skills per character , each of which has its own specific modifiers, which allow you to change the configuration on the fly, without having to re-speccare from the beginning all the skill tree.

Precisely for this reason you should make the habit of changing your skill in action when needed and do not keep a single configuration until the end of the game. Taking an example Amara , do not rely solely and exclusively on the phase close or its variants, but activate the phase evocation or flatten depending on the circumstances, especially when you know what you're up against.

Similarly, reconfigure the Rakks or your pet on Fl4k , the drone of Zane or the weapons mounted on the mech Iron bear of Moze depending on the enemies, the bosses or their weaknesses, without forgetting any Chaos modifier that is currently active.


Borderlands 3 completely changed the functioning of local challenges , transforming a mechanic of totally secondary game, aimed at recovering a small amount of hard points, in a cornerstone of leveling and progression of the title. Thanks to local challenges, you can now accumulate enormous amounts of experience and be rewarded by the various “partners” in history.

In particular, always complete the research of Echo of the first hunter of the crypt, Typhon DeLeon , since once you have located all three Echo devices in a location you will get access to a crate whose loot is almost always of the highest quality. This is a kind of activity that always rewards devolved endeavors and you should do it throughout the course of history.


It would be superfluous to repeat again what Borderlands 3 is generous with the loot, but it is worth pointing out this detail: in this title, the equipment stores are in turn a very valid source of booty , you should therefore consult the list of products for sale whenever possible.

It is difficult, if not impossible to find legendary equipment in the store , but on the contrary it is very easy to come across very rare or in variants consecrated . Furthermore, health and ammunition shops are the most reliable source ever from which to procure spare parts for scudi and grenades now too old to keep up with our progression.


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