The corridor items and advances were correct : Diablo IV is actually in the works and BlizzCon 2019 has been announced officially. The fourth installment of the action rpg series is in development for Pc, PS4 and Xbox One. It is not known when, however: the launch date is a mystery. At least for now.

Blizzard released a long 9-minute cinematic trailer and 20 rather bloody seconds in which he quickly tells what could be the prologue of this new episode of the beloved saga all over the world.

We leave you to the sequences of the clip that is marked (even if momentarily) by a PEGI 18 , and obviously we refer to new articles in our newspaper as soon as we have more news. Sequences in Italian from rhythms with dashed lines to slower but tension-drenched stretches.

It closes with the re-enactment of Lilith that comes threatening. Lilith is a character who has already appeared in the previous chapters of the saga and in Diablo IV it might already appear from these few frames that portray her in better shape than ever. The concept art presented earlier in recent days provides a preview of its sensual malignant charge

Good vision.

To follow also the trailer with gameplay that lasts three minutes. The visual is isometric and we quickly know the first classes of the characters. From what can be noted, the dark atmosphere and that dark fantasy halo belonging to the second chapter and lost partly in the third seem to have returned. But we will know more surely in the next few hours when the first official information and the first screenshots should also be distributed.

In the meantime, we can only wish you a good vision.

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