La Blizzcon 2019 is getting ready to close its doors and, in addition to twists , such as announcements of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 , there was also space for official apologies . They were well expected 26. 000 spectators at convention organized by Blizzard at the Anaheim Convention Center in California . Many were expecting breathtaking announcements that were not missed on time. Much of the Blizzcon programming 2019 was dedicated to the world of esports . Indeed, the world champions of Hearthstone and Starcraft II have been crowned, confirming the enormous following towards this new form of videogame entertainment. Surely we will remember all this but there is something unusual and different that will make this Blizzcon remember 2019 in the album of memories. Let's find out this and much more.


I'm sorry and I accept responsibility … What exactly is our purpose? BlizzCon is demonstrating this as we speak. Our aspiration is to bring the world together in epic entertainment. I truly believe in the positive power of video games.

The president of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack, opened the Blizzcon 2019. He took the stage and apologized to the world. A nice reverse for the French software house, made inevitable by the blitzchung case . After the suspension of the Hearthstone player, Ng “blitzchung” Wai Chung , following his protest to free Hong Kong from Chinese oppression , a wave of negative feedback from the community was unleashed. The result was that, outside the Anaheim Convention Center, all the protesters made themselves heard loudly to show their disappointment. The suspension of Ng “blitzchung” Wai Chung remains, however, still in force, despite the fine words of the president of Blizzard.


We anticipated it a few days ago with our “rumor-oso” article and confirmation finally arrived : Diablo IV was officially announced . Leak and rumors have been prophetic and the community has satisfied his diabolical thirst. The video presentation of this new Blizzard title made it clear what his style will be. The isometric RPG seems to make a leap in the past , recalling the glories of the good old Diablo II.

The trailer for Diablo IV ends with an old acquaintance, Lilith , which seems to come back with all its demonic sexy charge. The gameplay shown in the video also anticipated something about the classes of this new title: the magician, the druid and the barbarian. Obviously the release date is still a mystery even if the dream would be to see it before E3 2020.


Together with that of Diablo IV, the announcement of Overwatch 2 . The sequel, in addition to having the much acclaimed multiplayer mode, will include the awaited story mode . 32 playable characters , all with a new look, they will be ready to compete in the arena. The last to enter the roster will be Sojourn , which many will remember as Captain Sojourn.

The trailer, entitled “Zero Hour” , introduces the new skills and synergies that will enrich the title. The confirmation has also arrived that all the cosmetic elements obtained in the first chapter of Overwatch, can also be used in this sequel . As for Diablo IV, the release date and the Overwatch 2 gaming platforms are being defined.


Among the announcements made during Blizzcon 2019, it also breaks World of Warcraft with the new Shadowland expansion , scheduled for the 2020. The presentation trailer shows Sylvanas Ventolesto take the helmet of the domination from Bolvar Fordragon , using methods that do not go for the subtle. This gesture causes the breaking of the veil that separates the world of Azeroth from the underworld

The expansion will include new factions, called alliances , in addition to incursions with high difficulty coefficient and one brand new character class . The pre-order of World of Warcraft: Shadowland is already available online. Are you ready to jump on the other side?


Blizzcon's announcements 2019 show no sign of ending. Hearthstone's next expansion will be called Descent of the Dragons , and will conclude the story begun in rise of the shadows and the savers of Uldum The events will take place at Dragonblight , place that fans will remember from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King . the bad guy on duty this time is Galakrond, the nightmare . For all those who will pre-order the Dragos Descent expansion, they will have access to the battlefields as early as November 5 .

The announcement of this new Hearthstone expansion was (almost) obscured by another very important news: the introduction of a completely new game mode called Battlegrounds . In detail, the units will be upgraded by matching three of the same type, and additional bonuses can be obtained by fielding more units from the same class on the field. Dota Auto Chess, Underlorlds and League of Legends ’Teamfight Tactics have in fact inspired this new Hearthstone upgrade.

The lucky ones who were at the Anaheim Convention Center appreciated, in addition to the various announcements, the new eight-player game mode

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