We will have to make more decisions than ever when it comes to improving our characters.

Diablo IV

Diablo IV does not have a release date and does not wait to arrive early in stores. But his most fervent followers quickly expressed their joys and concerns about everything related to the endgame material based on demos and developer comments. Aware of this, Blizzard published a very interesting new blog post to announce several changes in the progression system.

The designer David Kim explains that all the novelties presented in this article are still very primitive and much they will probably change or cancel as program development progresses. “The reason why we share it as soon as we want to involve the community in the process and learn as many impressions as possible as soon as possible “, explains the creativity.

Therefore, the first detail that changes is that the parameters of attack and defense will not be distributed randomly between each of our pieces of equipment, but now we will find only attack on weapons, defense only on armor, and jewels will have none of those elements. This is not only more logical and engaging, but also will help novice players to have a personalized starting point that find out how other statistics work and unlock new skills.

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On the other hand, Blizzard will replace objects ancestral of Diablo III – improved versions of legendary objects – for a new type of consumable that will fall only by defeating the enemies “endgame” and that will be impregnated with a characteristic random. If used, we can transfer that feature on our rare (yellow) objects that traditionally in D3 were well below fixed and legendary pieces. This will prevent the excessive randomization of rare objects and give more use to the more common objects.

There will be new statistics and more common items will be more viable than before Moreover, the company will fight against the classic “predefined sets” that dictate the metagame, allowing the most common objects to have a greater number of traits in total (even if they are low) and also implementing three new features : angelic power (buff), demonic power (debuff, DOTS) and ancestral power (procs).

These characteristics Not only do they work alone individually, but they are also required to activate other powers. For example, you might find a piece that gives an additional rank to an ability by accumulating at least 50 points of angelic power in total , forcing you to think about long-term benefits.

Previously, Blizzard had also turned to players to define the progression system based on the levels of Diablo 4, although it is not yet clear which paths will eventually be taken. We hope that another similar item will be published in the coming weeks to discuss new problems with the players.

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