After the “ soft launch ” of the last 24 October, Black Desert Mobile now has a date of Official. Driven by the over three million pre-registrations, the mobile version of the acclaimed mmorpg will be launched globally on the next iOS and Android devices 11 December.

The launch will include new game features and support for nine different languages. Also, to celebrate the great pre-registration success on the official website of Black Desert Mobile, while supplies last, free copies of Black Desert Online, for supported consoles or PCs, will be given away

Here the official trailer. Good vision.


The Black Desert series covers PCs, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile platforms with over 20 millions of registered users and a further availability 150 countries. Black Desert Mobile offers the same fast-paced action fighting and detailed customization of characters that players are used to on PCs and consoles , with support for traditional languages ​​such as English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Players can try out an open world mmorpg full of interesting elements, including:

  • Character classes – Players will be able to choose between Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch or Valkyrie classes. From the masters of hand-to-hand combat to those who attack from afar with the range, or a class skilled in defensive and / or offensive spells
  • Combat – Players will have fun with a deep combat system that will allow them to experience the same level of action as Black Desert Online on own mobile
  • Personalization – Players will be able to discover their potential through a detailed character creation system. It will be possible to design a unique adventurer by choosing from five classes and distinct skill sets to reflect your style of play.
  • Life skills You can also hone your skills by fishing, gathering, trading, raising horses and camping, managing your own path to riches
  • Leveling – Players will be able to increase the power of their character with different attributes.
  • In-depth gameplay – The system offers an engaging gaming experience, with social corporations, climate change, a real-time market and environment .

Black Desert Mobile

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