Yami's story about his past continues.

Different time after the attack on the village that we had seen in the last episode, both Yami and Vangeance are summoned by Julius, who was promoted by captain advert magic emperor.

This the last one has an important mission to entrust to the 2.

The cities surrounding the capital are still the target of the attacks of the bandits, this once the scheme is much more complex than the previous one.

Each ambush is perfectly stretched, it almost seems that there is a spy between the magic knights who inform the bandits of the movements of the forces of the capital.

(But how many traitors are there in Clover's kingdom? I know that it is a great place to live almost almost I go on vacation)

(At the exquisite you will find the hyperlink to the other episodes)

Vangeance organizes the mission, he and Yami will preside over the 2 most likely cities for the attack by the bandits, the first one to sight the enemy will call the other to attack together.

Unfortunately, the bandits somehow block communications and Yami finds himself forced to fight opponents alone.

The leader of the bandits is the same as the previous episode and he rides the same battle boar, this time however he has a very powerful magic stick with him that could cause problems for the future captain of the Black Bull.

Eheh did you believe it? did you really think to see some action with maybe some magic power interested?

And instead NO.

( Oh well what did you expect the guy with the boar doesn't even have a name he couldn't be who knows what beast in combat)

and all enemies including the guy with the “powerful” stick are lying on the ground and sleeping.

When the situation seemed under control, the bandit manages to free himself and takes an old lady hostage, Yami, taken by distraction, is attacked and immobilized by 2 magic knights.

Rahmo of the silver eagle and Goth of the crimson lion, apparently they are the traitors.

Too bad that their betrayal will not go unpunished for a long time, in fact Vangeance comes to the aid of his companion and the rest you can imagine, they play them in advance of the drums.

The next day, the magic emperor gives advert both the title of captains, therefore their challenge is cease in balance.

One will create the worst company of magic knights, the other the best.

the captain's story, all to try and take some distance to resume Asta and make him understand that even if he lost against his rival the important thing is not to give up.

(it's the first time I hear this teaching in a shonen)

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