Let's go straight to the final of the tournament, Yuno vs Rill.

There are also the others but we do not consider them the big one these 2 do.

obviously belongs to En who with his fungal techniques is the king of the battlefield “the imposing belligerent mushroom” was the high I could aspire to.

The gong of the match rings, Yuno literally falls against Rill.

The boy tries to use the same strategy of the previous meeting, that is to attack with his head down and immediately destroy the crystal.

This once the thing does not work, basically advert to face it there is still a captain.

(At the stunning you will find the link to the other episodes)

Rill united states also the technique of the last match and sends the blow back to the sender.

This is not a problem for Yuno, who manages to dispel the blow by showing great strength.

The 2 begin to give them of good reason (more or less) chasing each other endlessly and throwing their most powerful spells on themselves.

Both seek an opening in the enemy defense, even the slightest mistake could cost the battle.

Yuno advance to a decision to pull his ace up his sleeve, the Spirit Dive .

By concentrating all his power and ability, the young man succeeds advert channel the gigantic magical power it has to its fullest.

Its magical control has improved thanks also to “training” to control the mana skin.

(I put training in quotes, because more than trained Yuno saw the technique and said “okay I do it too”)

The technique involves merging with one's elemental spirit, which Bell doesn't seem to mind at all.

Rill advance to a decision to attack with his “Scream of the Vouivre (it would be wyvern I don't know advance they never left the name untranslated) illusory “against Yuno's” Spirit Storm “.

The forces of the 2 attacks are almost au pair.

Unexpectedly the Rill crystal ends up shattered by itself.

They say because of the magical power of Rill himself, he did not control himself and caused the direction of the crystal behind him …….. OK.

But the result does not count, because for Walter the winner will always be Rill (how nice)

The tournament was invented, Julius, after announcing the results, starts a welcome surprise.

Indeed, to become Royal Knight , in addition to the winners, other 10 will also be chosen / 20 people among those who distinguished themselves most in battle.

In the infirmary we see Asta knocked down for the gap between him and his rival but don't worry, so in a few episodes he will come out with some talk about willpower and never giving up and it will be advance before.

In the final part we see an interesting conversation between Julius and Zora, the magic emperor would like to involve the guy with the coolest machera in the next assignments of the magic knights.

Even after all these years Julius hasn't he forgot about Ideal Zara (Zora's father) in his honor he established the system to some stars to the knights, so as to allow even the non-nobles to emerge for their talents.


Truly a beautiful moment between Zora and Julius.

In the episode we saw a shapely Yuno who gave a captain a hard time, but everything is nice but the mangaka must slow down a bit with these energy ups so fast.

S and does not plan things well it risks some distance to become too strong characters in too little time, at this rate it ends that magical emperor becomes the day after tomorrow.

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