notice the impassivity in Nero's gaze, that myth that feathery

At the end of the battle for the rule of the city of Kiten, Yami brings his young subordinate with broken arms, from Dr. Owen, the latter is considered one of the best doctors of the kingdom of Clover, and it is the same one who is in charge of Fuegoleon.

Thanks to its magic of regeneration based on jellyfish and technique ” Qualle Opeartion “Dr. Owen manages to cure all evil.

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Unfortunately for Asta there seems to be some complications, in fact we are witnessing an interview between the 2 (for now we are not told what they said) that leaves the boy shocked, the only witness of their words is the senpai Finral.

Once back at the base of the black bull, the captain informs everyone that thanks to the recent battle in the temple submarine, all demerit stars were canceled, bringing the mate to the 0-star result for the first time.

So without further ado, let's start the festivities !!

Part one of those giant barbecues that Ferragosto moved

Everyone spends the day between fun and laughter, but when evening falls, Asta decides to retire earlier than usual, his usual exuberance seems to have disappeared.

Finral, unable to keep the weight of Asta's secret, decides to share it with on his companions, apparently the arms of the young man, they are not simply broken, on the contrary the bones are completely shattered and to make matters worse, on him there is an ancient melting that prevents the healing of damaged tissues.

The news takes everyone by surprise, completely destroying the festive morale that had been created up to that point

That same evening, we find Solitary Auction and Moonlight reflect on the cruelty of its destiny but we know how Auction is done, not even the time to blink an eye that the boy has already recovered.

Perhaps thanks to Vanessa there is still hope for the boy's arms

(of course there is hope, he is the protagonist of a shonen battle, they could also have chopped his arms with a pepper mill but a cure would have been found equally

The following morning, all members of the bull get up early to go to the most disparate corners of the kingdom to find a remedy for the situation of their wounded companion

Noelle seems to have something in mind, so she decides to have Finral take me to a small house that at first glance does not seem to be in very good condition, inside we find a man with red hair and completely naked ?????

Noelle, I understand that you are whipped because Auction does not it is calculated to smear but this is not the way to console oneself.


It seems that Gray is now able to keep his true form but why was the name of his transformation technique censored?

Ok that is a shonen and the protagonist must always be a 'example for young people to overcome their problems with optimism but it seems a bit exaggerated, I would have liked a slightly more “human” reaction from Asta, there would have been no harm in letting the boy let go to the discouragement, on the contrary, to get up from that situation would have made everything even more beautiful and exciting, that would have really been a real positive example for the kids, showing both the positive and negative sides of life and how to overcome them.

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