To Darksiders, but under the formula of a devil? Not exactly, even if it seems so. The genesis may be different, but under its isometric perspective, it retains the entire identity of the knight saga. Find out in the analysis of Darksiders Genesis.

It doesn't matter if you followed or not the development of Darksiders Genesis, the main idea that comes to mind quickly, after seeing some images or videos, is that we are facing a spin-off that wants to imitate that RPG formula of Diablo Action with an isometric perspective. And in the first few minutes it may seem that, indeed, it is so, because it shares the same camera and the same wild action. However, it won't take many hours to understand Genesis has a lot more Darksiders than the Blizzard video game.

Yes, the formula to destroy all kinds of infernal creatures is the same, but their levels hide a more interesting and personal design. They are not a simple terrain in which to collect objects while we end up with hordes of enemies, but to follow it also involves the resolution of enigmas, the opening of mechanisms to follow the main path and even the classic platforms of the saga. If there is a game that recalls this Genesis, it is the first work of Vigil Games, with War of the protagonist. Of course, in this drawing I find irregularities. While there are some that work well, with their different paths, others are much less inspired, being too short or less intuitive. It wasn't once or twice that it wasn't easy to figure out where to go next.

Then we check at any time two of the famous Knights. Guerra returns to action and is accompanied by Lucha, who does not yet have his game in the franchise organization chart. If we play in a cooperative , local or online, the game will adapt to it, leveling the enemy challenge and reforming the puzzles to encourage coordination between players, while if we play alone we will not we lose a minimum of interest, because we can alternate Rider at any time, with very different fighting styles.

Darksiders Genesis has something special and we would do well not to underestimate it Genesis Has its moments. Some chapters are truly inspired, mixing amazing fights with exploration zones, puzzles and platforms. We hope that the latter will abound more and allow more precise control, because it is fun to escape at the last moment of a landslide, let your ghostly wings carry air currents or avoid the lava as you plan all kinds of caves, foundries and demonic fortresses.

Darksiders Genesis análisis The scenarios of Darksiders are various and not simple combat arenas, but real dungeons with puzzles and secondary roads.

With all this I mean that Darksiders Genesis has something special and we would do well not to underestimate it, no matter how much it went unnoticed and the franchise is not so good And as before. Gunfire left the field to Airship Syndicate, who had already shown good performances with Battle Chasers: Nightwar and I think the studio managed to take the development in the correct address. It should also be remembered that the team forms another Vigil division, with Joe Madureira himself as artistic director and Ryan Stefanelli, original founder and who worked at the first two Darksiders who now runs this Genesis. Therefore, he did not try to copy anyone, but to inspire himself and it is something that shows the control of both pilots. War develops as before, with its combos and juggling in the air, with its glove and its boomerang blade, which it continues to use to solve some puzzles. Fight recalls the Demon Hunter III, focused on remote combat, enhancing its guns with lightning, special cartridges and some melee techniques to finish. Both also release all the strength of the Knight with the same combination of buttons and have their faithful horses very useful as a way to retrace our steps and navigate through the complete mapping.

Darksiders Genesis, the genesis of the Apocalypse In the First chapters, everything flows. It is easy to be surprised by the good artistic design that still perfectly blends that range of intense colors, while you travel through arid areas, frozen places, large caves and fortresses. It is shortly after that some of his first weaknesses emerge. To start, the story. I will never understand why a world with so many possibilities such as Darksiders is not treated in more depth and Genesis does not even satisfy its prequel condition.

Darksiders Genesis Combat is the main mechanic, who remains varied thanks to his two protagonists.

Here we are told about the past of two of the Knights of the Council, War and Lotta, chasing Lucifer who intends to disturb the long-awaited balance. Yes, it provides some interesting information, especially in what has to do with the past of the protagonists, but during almost all of the adventure the plot wastes time asking you for commissions like objects and relics, without no meaning. A real shame, because it would have contributed to maintaining interest during development and linking some narrative points with the rest of the saga.

It is not the only problem, during the second half, some levels seem somewhat hasty. Also missing are those platforms that give variety to the abundant fighting, but it is in these that a better flow could have been obtained. Although, if we explore well, we will find new abilities, Genesis suffers because of reuse of enemies that continually parade on the screen for different chapters, only in greater numbers. Some, a kind of sub-boss, with enough life to become heavy, rather than demanding.

Darksiders Genesis PC

The result is still satisfactory for the connoisseur of Darksiders The game tries to blow a rhythm through an original basic system in instead of the classic way of leveling up. If we collect enemy cores and combine them well, we increase the statistics of our Knights, but it is still a passive, albeit original, way to improve our statistics. Something more attractive has active abilities, which change our strategy and, therefore, the variety of situations. I advise you to explore each chapter very well (even repeat them) to find all the skills, because the change of air that these new attacks give us is appreciated. I think the game itself is aware of it and that is why it allows this possibility to retrace your steps, as well as a combat arena with which to level up, get new cores and give a little more energy to the whole.

Darksiders Genesis History, unfortunately, is witness. It brings little to the universe of Darksiders.

Darksiders Genesis surprises, maybe even more because we didn't expect much from him. Their scenarios are recreated with care and are smarter and more intricate than they seem. I think it is perfect in short games, focused more on in-depth exploration of each level, than for a player who wants to pass quickly through his chapters, guided by history. Airship has created an ingenious design, capturing the essence of the saga, full of puzzles, back roads and many demons to destroy. Of course, it also shows something quickly, and even if they don't try to cover up too much, they had to rely heavily on repeating enemies and sub-bosses to fill their chapters, while the story comes back into the background again. But the result is still satisfactory for the connoisseur of Darksiders, surprising even at times, always proving that one should never judge a game by its cover (or its trailer) and that the design, as John Romero said, is still the law .


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