The spectral escalation contract begins tomorrow.

You can enter Hitman 2 in the ever-growing list of games that enter the spirit of the spooky season, thanks to a new special Halloween-themed escalation contract, coming tomorrow, 22 October, on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

the developer IO Interactive has certainly not offered much in terms of details regarding the new escalation contract, but we know that it is a permanent addition to Hitman 2, is set on the map of Hawke's Bay and will offer two unique prizes for those who are able to complete it, in the form of the tactical suit and the shuriken bat.

Oh, and it seems that the Agent 47 is getting a head of pumpkin for the occasion, based on the atmospheric accompaniment event trailer – which is always a victory in my book.

Furthermore, patch 2. 71. 0 (as tomorrow's update is officially known) will introduce three Legacy challenge packages related to Halloween, plus a considerable number of fixes, adjustments and quality of life improvements, as detailed in the latest blog post from IO .

Hitman 2 completes the month with a new elusive Whittleton Creek target – which will begin this Friday, 25 of October, and will remain available for 10 days – plus a Hawke's Bay challenge pack that will unlock the Red-Tie Kiwi.

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