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Acer's 4K G-Sync monitor is reduced to $ 470 right now, but it's going fast



Don't worry at all while you missed the crazy deal of Dell Cyber ​​Monday show earlier, since your herald went and placed every other incredible financial savings. This time, it's on Acer Predator XB 271 HK , which is now down to $ 470, which is the cheapest of this 4K 60 The show Hz video Nvidia G-Sync has never been.

Rush, though, since this deal is already 15% claimed on Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Lightning page, and I doubt it would remain for a prolonged period. In fact, the best thing will be around for the next three hours, so it's better to skip over if you like it.

I did not personally examine the 4K mannequin of this, but its younger brother, the Acer Predator XB 241 H was absolutely amazing – and my simplest suggestion for the video game show for these after a 24 in G-Sync cloak. As such, I'm sure the older 4K brother apparently will be real as appropriate in the profitable department of normal or garden – especially since it has an IPS cloak in the desire for a TN that admires the XB 241 H.

Yes, it meets within the 'player's faculty' reason, but when the XB 271 HK is a thing that admires the younger brother, so here's a video game show you received you don't want to miss out on. In fact, a sort of flash scan of my simplest page dedicated to Cyber ​​Monday video game shows and there is not a single video business that comes to this. In fact, the closest deal for the video show is Dell Ultrasharp U 2718 Q, which is currently $ 400 on Amazon just as well, but this does not advance with any strengthening of Nvidia G-Sync.

So trudging, the Cyber ​​Monday video show offers fans and explains your 4K G-Sync award. I doubt it, you'll see it again for so long for an extended period.

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