The title is evocative and reminds us of the past but lots of it. A Knight Quest is an adventure on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch during the fall. At the price of 24, 99 EUR. The game is being developed by the indie team of Toronto (Canada) Sky 9 Games on the label Curve Digital and was announced a little while ago with this “brave” trailer.

The protagonist is Rusty, a new hero, whose goal is to pass enemies with an elegant slant, or perhaps risk the neck bone slipping along the banks of an abyss above very high waterfalls, run on walls to avoid traps and solve puzzles by checking the elements.

In short, normal things of any hero. Or not? Bold, affable, and just a bit silly, Rusty is a golden-hearted adventurer but a bit clumsy, who accidentally starts a series of events that threaten to destroy the world. To remedy his mistakes, he will have to solve very complicated puzzles, face difficult fights, defeat huge bosses and jump between platforms in a fantastic open world that sumptuously reinterprets classic adventures.

Our hero begins his adventure armed only with his sword and a simple shield, but will soon unlock the “Spirit Powers”, spectacular abilities that provide him with the power to alter himself and the surrounding world. Just push a button to take advantage of the power of fire, ice and time and unleash devastating effects to defeat enemies in battle or solve environmental challenges.

The events of the game take place in the kingdom of Regalia (but where have we already heard this name?), But the adventure will lead Rusty to the deserted city of Zameris, to the top of the icy peaks of Peaky Peaks, in the swampy Crused Swamp and in many other places. Along the way he will encounter a colorful cast of memorable characters that contribute to making the game world alive and intense

Obviously, not all of them will be friendly. The danger is always around the corner, and the evil general Windpipe or the evil The Watcher are just some of the threats that Rusty will have to face. In addition to the usual armored soldiers, brutes and stooges, in the most important moments of the adventure the players will have to contend with huge bosses who fill the screen in suggestive settings.

The developers talk about 30 hours of game play for A Knight's Quest. Many modern adventures include several additional artificial mechanics that become pedantic and repetitive instead of being elegant; on the contrary, A Kinght’s Quest is a pure and simple action adventure. The fight is fast and fluid, while the platform sections are dreamy thanks to the repertoire of acrobatic moves that Rusty shows off in fluency. Playing the role of a hero has never been so rewarding.

A Knight's Quest, as mentioned, is being developed by Sky 9 Games, a new Toronto-based studio, with the support of d3t , a studio based in Runcorn, which has already worked on, among other things, the remastered editions of Shenmue.

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