Borderlands 3 has a particular type of enemy, whose appearance is not guaranteed to 100% whenever you are on the map. These are the so-called rare enemies and, similarly to the bosses, possess their own loot pool of legendary, possess a name and sometimes a unique attack pattern.

Some have the chance of drop of a specific legendary object , others, instead, can release random legendary objects belonging to a type of object and, almost always, it is easter egg and small citations of pop culture

Here is a list of all the rare enemies grouped by planet.

Rare enemies on Pandora


Location : The Droughts

Drop : random legendary shields

nemici rari

To reach the spawning point of the Demoskraggon , we recommend traveling to the quick travel point where Lilith establishes a provisional meeting point in the Droughts , go straight over the ramp with the ramp and head towards the basin, in the photo marked by the custom indicator.

Road Dog

Location : The Splinterlands

Drop : legendary shotgun Redline

nemici rari

To reach the spawn point of Road Dog , it is advisable to travel to the quick travel point of the Splinterlands on the left, take a vehicle, and head towards the camp of bandits in the center of the map. Road Dog can spawn inside it by opening the door of a container inside the camp.

Princess Tarantella II

Location : The Splinterlands

Drop : legendary rocket launcher Hive

To get to the spawn point of Princess Tarantella II just travel to the same fast travel point as the Splinterlands recommended just above and keep right. Tarantella will be a little further on, near the point indicated by the custom indicator.

Thunk & Sloth

Location : Konrad’s Hold

Drop : mod legendary grenades It’s Piss

nemici rari

It is an enemy of the rare spawn among the easiest to reach: all you have to do is choose the only quick travel point available at Konrads Hold and follow the route on the left, just like it was done during the main mission. Thunk and Sloth can spawn inside the workshop, as shown in the figure.


Location : Carnivora

Drop : legendary pistol Night Flyer

Rakkman is located at Carnivora . We illustrate the procedure to reach it here .

Rare enemies on Promethea

Borman Nates

Location : Periphery of Meridian

Drop : legendary pistol Psycho Stabber

nemici rari

Borman Nates is an enemy of the rare spawn that can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Meridian Suburban rapid travel point , in front of the clinic Mt. Schuler , where it is possible to face Rax and Max , the two Maliwan officers of a secondary quest available at camp of Atlas soldiers in the area, where indicated by the custom marker

Urist McIncursor

Location : Lectra City

Drop : legendary sniper Masterwork Crossbow .

nemici rari

To find Urist McIncursor , it is necessary to go to the same underground corridor as Lectra City which is used to reach the hard psycho One Punch and continue straight. The door from which McIncursor exits is on the right of the tunnel, where shown by the custom indicator.

Wick & Warty

Location : Lectra City

Drop : legendary shotgun Phebert

To reach Wick and Warty just travel to Lectra City , go outside and always keep the right. Wick and Warty can spawn near the locked toilet to which a hilarious secondary mission is dedicated.


Location : Skywell – 27

Drop : Loot-o-gram (special items to be delivered to Earl to receive random rewards)

nemici rari

Travel to Skywell – 27 and continue along the path, always straight. Once you arrive in front of the entrance of the structure, follow the custom indicator and check a pile of wreckage behind a truck. Dinklebot may appear at that point.

Trooper Battalion

Location : QG Atlas

Drop : random legendary class mods

nemici rari

The Trooper Battaglione is a group of enemies that can spawn at Atlas QG . They can be found outside the actual headquarters, in the raised ring, near the first record of Typhon DeLeon , as illustrated by the custom marker.

Rare enemies on Eden-6


Location : Floodmoore Basin

Drop : random legendary skin

nemici rari

The IndoT said is located in the swamp of Floodmoor Basin , near the exit of the map for Voracious Canopy. It is a point on a very open map and we recommend that you totally rely on the custom indicator we placed.

The Unstoppable

Location : Ambermire

Drop : legendary shield Band of Sytorak

Traveling to the point Tana della Canaglia of Ambermire , it is better to jump down through the broken window and continue straight towards the custom indicator. The Unstoppable can appear from a door of a farmhouse near the suspended cage

Red Jabber

Location : Ambermire

Drop : mod random legendary grenades

nemici rari

From the fast travel point at the entrance to Ambermire , keep the right and continue until the custom indicator we placed in the image. The Red Jabber can be found in a structure of huts in that position.

Mother of Dragons

Location : The Anvil

Drop : random legendary artifacts

nemici rari

La Madre dei Draghi is located at Incudine , in a wing of the structure dedicated to her. It is very easy to find it, since it is enough to follow the only possible route of the map and, as soon as you reach the clearing, head towards the walkway that leads to the area dedicated to the Mother of Dragons, indicated by our personalized marker.


Location : Voracious Canopy

Drop : legendary shotgun The Horizon

To reach Maxitrilione you must travel up to Voracious Canopy . Follow the path that leads to the ship wreck where BALEX and GenIVIV meet during the main quest. The Maxitrilione droid is located in a chamber located inside it, indicated by our custom indicator.

El Dragon Jr

Location : Jakobs Estate

Drop : legendary artifact Unleash the Dragon

nemici rari

To reach the spawn point of El Dragon Jr it is necessary to travel to the only fast travel point of the Tenuta Jakobs and head towards the Eridian inscription on the right. El Dragon Jr can spawn from under a nearby waterfall.


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