A traditional feature of the series Tales of is that of “demonic weapons” , also called “Fell Arms” , which have a different behavior from the regular equipment in play. These weapons, which in recent titles have been removed to make room for others “lategame objects” , are present in Tales of Vesperia and are among the most powerful weapons in the game, but their “awakening” occurs through a questline.

We have already discussed demonic weapons in our guides to events and secondary missions of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition , but for uniformity we have decided to dedicate a special space to them too, where group all the passages necessary to obtain these precious weapons and also some advice on how to obtain them without having to struggle more than necessary .


The demonic weapons are weapons of unique behavior, in fact their statistics, initially very low and completely negligible, undergo an increase of a point with physical and magical attack each , whenever the character using them makes a kill

The count for this game mechanic is retroactive, starting from the moment the game starts, continuing to grow up to the maximum limit of 9999 points; moreover, the awakened demonic weapons and their enhancement to the statistics can be transferred to one New Ex via the Grado store .


In Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition the demonic weapons once gathered will still be “dormant”, not able to manifest their true power and will have no ability. To be able to enjoy their benefits it will be necessary to fight against the third phase of the final boss, Ali Radiose , available only once that all 9 of these weapons will have been gathered.

Given the difficulty of this boss, located at level 82 , we strongly suggest not to gather all the weapons before having finished the game , unless that you are not using modifiers for the experience or that you are prepared for what awaits you: even if we managed to beat this boss at level 78 , the difficulty step is very steep and most of the players might find it too steep, even facing it on equal or slightly higher levels.


Below are the steps necessary to obtain the demonic weapons in Tales of Vesperia : Definitive Edition . Most of these steps can be traveled in random order


This step is mandatory and may only be available for a limited time.

During the part of the story in which the party is going to going to the temple of Zaude , it is possible to recover Abyssion , the first of the demonic weapons , necessary to recover the following ones. Abyssion is given at the party by the elderly krytia to Myorzo , if we go to his home at this juncture in the main story.

Abyssion will be the demonic weapon of Yuri .


The second of the demonic weapons is Zarich , which can be recovered, upon acquisition of Abyssion , immediately after the party has gathered all four elemental spirits, during the first part of act 3 .

During this period of history you will have to go to the archipelago of the 4 islands, located to the south-west of Nordopolica and access the rock mass lying on one of the islands. Abyssion will react Zarich , the demonic weapon of Judith , making it emerge from the rocks in which it is embedded, at the same time providing access to the underground cavity.

Your search does not stop there, in fact you will have to go deep and reach the center of the vital source, obtaining the ring of the sorcerer of level 4 . With this new enhancement you will be able to ignite and destroy various obstacles in the game world, thus freeing up various chests, within which you can find the other weapons you are looking for.

At this point you can gather all the demonic weapons left in the order you prefer.


The next of the demonic weapons on the list is Nebilim , a bow for Raven .

Nebilim is located in the forest of Keiv Moc , blocked by scattered shrubs in both areas of the labyrinthine forest where the old man had joined the party. With the level 4 sorcerer's ring you can get rid of obstacles, obtaining this weapon, as well as various other important objects, including a hat for Rita.


The next demonic weapon is that of Estelle and is called Mercurius , located in the Gorge of Relewiese , recently visited to find one of the elemental spirits. The gorge is an extremely labyrinthine place, but thanks to one map created by the GameFAQs community you can orient yourself without problems.

Once recovered the fourth of the demonic weapons , taking off with Ba'ul you will attend a cutscene.


The demonic weapon of Karol , Glasya Labolas , is located in the Boschi di Quoi , in the flower garden hidden beyond a large cluster of shrubs that you can destroy with your enhanced sorcerer's ring. In this place you will also find one of the Megalomostri , la butterfly chimera .

Glasya Labolas is also the last of the demonic weapons you can get during first part of the third act .


The penultimate floor of the Tarqaron tower will allow you to access the eastern branch of the fortress. Look for the path to the right on the plane and you will find yourself tracing the dungeon backwards, reaching previously unexplored areas.

Susano and Uroboro are the demonic weapons respectively of Repede and Rita , and both are located in the same identical place, a short distance from each other: the tower of Tarqaron , the last dungeon in the main story of Tales of Vesperia .

Susano and Uroboro are among the simplest demonic weapons to find and are located at the lowest level of the tower, which can be accessed by descending from the eastern branch of the tower, which can only be reached from the penultimate floor.

This is one of the moments in which it is opportune to stop and avoid collecting other demonic weapons, on pain of the tightening of the final battle.


After having also recovered these demonic weapons , returning to Ba'ul a cutscene will automatically start, which in the original version indicated the completion of the questline and the release of the third phase of the final fight; in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition , however, the weapons for Flynn and Patty .

This cutscene will take place even if you have recovered all and nine weapons, but the party will refer to them as if they were seven.


Le demonic weapons di Flynn e Patty , and, are hidden in the rooms of the treasure of the first two layers of Necropolis of Nostalgia , one of Ex Dungeon of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition .

We reiterate that this is the right time to stop completing the set of demonic weapons without making the final battle much harder.

Taking note of this, the demonic weapons of Flynn and Patty are located respectively:

  • On the floor 8 of Firmament , in the north-west treasure room.
  • On the floor 9 of Existence , in the south-east treasure room.

Also retrieve these two weapons, you can face the final boss and his third form, Ali Radiose .


Only after defeating Radiant Wings will you gain access to the awakened and full-power demonic weapons, meaning that they will appear in your inventory only after you have saved the game, at the end of the credits

With demonic weapons any activity of the game remaining will become much simpler, provided you have used the characters fairly throughout history; they are useful in Challenge of the 200 and to address the Ex Dungeon , especially the deeper layers of the Necropolis of the Nostalgia , however you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of these weapons during the final battle of the latter area of ​​the game, the battle against Spiral Dragon .


Ali Radiose is located at level 82 and is a form much more difficult than the previous two ; not only does it teleport with greater frequency, but it is also particularly tough and its attacks do not merely inflict damage to health, but apply numerous state alterations, often with devastating effects.

With a single stroke of his sword, Radiant Wings can disable your skills and limbs and occasionally apply other effects, such as contamination and poisoning. To protect yourself from this state, equip as many team members as possible with dedicated accessories, such as Symbol of Krona and l 'Amulet.

Furthermore, Ali Radiose owns two mystical arts : Big Bang , already used during the second transformation, which in most cases will be limited to bringing everyone's health the members of the party at 1, but also the far more dangerous Ardor Vesperia . This last art, used at least once per battle , will make you undergo a powerful attack with all the mystical arts of the protagonists of the game, simultaneously . Unlike the previous one, Ardor Vesperia consists of multiple instances of damage and can send KOs those who suffer it, sometimes the entire team.

For this reason we strongly recommend to keep in a team Estelle and ensure that you use one of his altered magic arts, Rebirth , on all members of the party: this will allow the automatic resurrection and will avoid the KO; alternatively, you can use the fetish of resurrection , an accessory that provides the same effect, breaking when activated. This accessory can be produced through synthesis, but has a high cost and the materials are very rare, released only by some monsters.

Another good idea is to use the hourglass to block Ali Radiose at critical moments, thus gaining sufficient time to save the skin. A similar effect can be obtained by exploiting Interrupted flow , one of Raven's altered magic arts , which however has a considerable cost in PT.

In both cases, pay close attention, since using the hourglass or Flow interrupted while Ali Radiose is in over limit , will immediately start a counterattack by quests lastly, which will instantly perform the Big Bang mystical art , canceling out any party action

Our winning team was one composed of Yuri , Estelle , Flynn and Raven : all 4 are able to heal teammates, Yuri is specialized in combat, Estelle in care, Flynn is a perfect hybrid between the two, while Raven can keep at a distance, use Interrupted flow or quickly cure with dart of love .

It is good to keep in mind that there are many other possible configurations for this clash, but this is the one in which you will have the greatest balance between movement speed, melee damage and distance the very important care


There are strategies and exploits in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition that allow you to accumulate huge amounts of experience in a short time.

In case you have recovered the demonic weapons too early, making the final battle too difficult, not everything is lost: you can still remedy this error simply by accumulating experience points.

Clearly reach ( at least ) the level 82 is anything but immediate, even by making ESP out of enemies of Tarqaron may take hours, even tens. Fortunately there is a convenient exploit, which we already have indicated in our guide to the Necropolis of Nostalgia , which can also be used to overcome this problem .

Magic art exists “Critical Moment” of Patty , which involves random effects, including a multiplier to the experience obtained at the end of the battle; one of these modifiers increases the experience gained from the combat.

A battle in about 30 minutes, at the penultimate layer of the necropolis of nostalgia, thanks to a critical moment and its multiplier 10 xp gave us over 3 million XP. In the second layer you can get a result that is certainly more contained, but nevertheless useful for obtaining additional levels to face Ali Radiose.

All you have to do is go to the second layer of the Necropolis of Nostalgia, Existence, enter a fight, continue to use Critical Moment until the modifier appears 10 x ESP and continue to wander in the same rooms, never reaching the exit, to extend the fight virtually to the Infinity.

However, if any other experience modifier appears, such as 2x or 1 / 2x , you will be forced to flee the fight and start over from scratch, since the multiplier of Critical Moment , once appeared, can no longer be found or overwritten during the same clash. For this reason, as soon as you enter the fight, start the over limit and make sure that patty continuously uses Critical Moment, until you have found the suitable modifier.

This process is clearly repetitive and also tedious, but it will be your last resort at this point, as well as the absolute fastest method to bridge the power gap between you and Ali Radious .


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