Fortnite After having delighted with the Starter Pack , relating to Series 1, the universe of Fortnite is enriched with additional content regarding the physical collection. Just like the great classics Panini , also a album of figurines entered by law into our homes, properly designed and conceived to collect skins, weapons and consumables immortalized forever as hunting trophies. So here we are to immerse ourselves in another inevitable collection for lovers of the genre: Fortnite – Ready to Jump!


Our Starter-Set includes a sticker album (with five packets in it) in addition to a special fifty sachet . Each sachet contains five stickers respectively, ready to be applied in your own space on the album.


Unlike the Starter Pack and the binder, we will end up with different materials and stickers instead of plastic cards, ready to take place on the respective pages. The quality, as usual is excellent , able to recreate the atmospheres and the colors of the license Epic Games .


The stickers include each feature of the game, from simple skins to consumables, passing through the backdrops. Most of the figurines are accompanied by the respective name , as well as their lodging with a small description and caption.

Fortnite As per tradition, the number of stickers is substantial, including up to 352 unit , also providing a small special variant which makes up the album. We will find ourselves collecting a small quantity of special papers that can feed the central, more succulent part of the binder. Furthermore, being divided by Season , for Starter Pack holders it will be possible to trace the respective seasons indicated by the stickers

The continuation for the completion of the album proceeds despite the inevitable double cards, but we will try to find the missing ones and bring to light every sticker of this edition. For further information, the Starter-Set of Fortnite: Ready to Jump! is available at newsstands at cost of 50 € .


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