The event Bloody Harvest di Borderlands 3 brought with it a new map, which will be available only for a limited time: Heck Hole . In this map there is an enigma consisting of some chains with a colored skull hanging from the lower end. Completing the puzzle correctly is part of the challenges related to the event , so let's see how to solve it


The event starts automatically the associated quest simply by entering the game, during this secondary mission you will be led to collect 25 essences from the ghosts that possess enemies in all game areas of the world. Once the required amount is reached, you can open the portal on the Sanctuary , which gives access to Heck Hole . Please refer to our review of the event for some considerations and more details about it.

Once ad Heck Hole , the riddle is in the building inside the cemetery, in the same room with the hole in the floor, which leads to the bloody cave.


The enigma requires us to pull the chains in the correct order , in case of success a wall will be destroyed and we will have access to a room with two boxes to loot , of which one is red. In the event of failure, we will be notified by an evil background laugh and the chains will be immediately blocked.

The solution to the riddle is in the immediately preceding room and is given by colors of the pumpkins raised. more precisely, the order is given by the pumpkin to the right of the room, leaving behind the room with the chains .

Source : 97 sm / the_pumpkin_puzzle_also_uses_shapes_incase_you /

If the pumpkins were destroyed, it is still possible to solve the riddle: in this case, use the symbols placed on the same risers as a reference, which will match the shape of the eyes on the skulls. Note that the exact same color / shape may appear multiple times in the same combination, which will be changed with each access to Heck Hole .

Once the enigma is completed, the challenge will be complete and you will be able to access the secret room, you will also be able to repeat the puzzle at each subsequent entry into this area of ​​the game


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