We have seen how it is possible to invest points to make powerful builds Amara , la Sirena in Borderlands 3 , choosing whether to give priority to elemental damage , all ' ability action or al melee damage and to regeneration health , incarnate from his branches ability. There is a further step, that of further development of the build thanks to the properties of the class Mod , which have always played a crucial role in the series Borderlands and despite having slightly changed philosophy and general impact, the same importance they hold in this title.

Let's go then to see which are the legendary class Mods for Amara and how these can support our build!


The first step to do before proceeding to choose which class mod is to know a crucial detail on the operation of this piece of equipment in Borderlands 3 : unlike what happened in the previous titles, a class mod activates and enhances an ability even if there were no manually invested points .

This means that in the vast majority of cases you can easily equip a class mod that enhances a different branch from the one you chose , often with very positive effects .



Source: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/amara-master-list-of-class-mods/ 3300116

SPECIAL EFFECT : When bitter performs phase close (or its variants) on an enemy, apply the elemental effect of the action ability to all nearby enemies

This legendary class mod obliges us in fact to use the phase close or a variant on the branch Elemental fists as an action skill, in fact it is entirely designed for build strongly oriented on this branch .

The special effect is applied to a huge area, far exceeding the capabilities of a Scudo Nova of this game, the damage of this effect is very much high and has a very high probability of applying a status effect.


Source: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/amara-master-list-of-class-mods/ 3300116

SPECIAL EFFECT : When using the Amara action skill he gets the maximum number of Impetus stacks, but these decay over time. For each Impetus stack, Amara gets 3% weapon damage and the 10% of reload speed of the skill action.

One of the most impacting class mods ever on the character , the his special buff is ridiculously strong and is such that it is suitable for any build: that you focus on the branch Violence , on the branch Assault Mystic or on the branch Elemental Fists , any choice will be just fine, but to get the ideal result you will still have to activate one of the abilities at the beginning of the central branch, so to bring the stack limit Impeto a 15 .

The builds that most benefit from this class mod remain those that invest mainly in the Assault Mystical and that wink at the Pugni elemental branch, developing an adequate build it will be possible to bring the number of stacks Impeto a 25 , thus obtaining an effective bonus of 75% weapons damage and 250% of the reload speed of the action skill immediately after using it.

Considering that the final milestone of the branch, Avatar , allows to use twice the action skill for a single cooldown, it is possible to reach a point in which Amara is able, literally, to spam his own ability to act . The elemental Pugni branch, thanks to the state effects, will contribute to constantly maintaining the maximum Impetus stack level, creating one of the most powerful synergies between skill and class Mod.


Source: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/amara-master-list-of-class-mods/ 3300116

SPECIAL EFFECT : When the action skill damages the first enemy (or blocks it with the phase) a cloud is generated in the place that brings the element of the action skill. Cloud damage: 25 / sec.

This class mod would be among the most promising ever , except that the elemental cloud does not scale based on the level of the mod , making the buff absurdly powerful at low level, but completely superfluous at higher levels .

The cloud can still apply state effects , making it somewhat useful in branch-based builds Elemental fists , but at the moment you should still bet on one Elementalist , not to mention any other legendary class mod.

The abilities enhanced by the mod are quite powerful, this class mod in general would be great if only the buff leveled. We strongly hope in a patch that fixes this problem .


Source: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/amara-master-list-of-class- mods / 3300116

SPECIAL EFFECT : When Amara carries out a melee killing, his Action Skill enhancement is activated

It is not clear how this class mod and its buff works, in fact it seems that at the moment a bug prevents the correct functioning of the class mod when investing points in the Violence branch, the fate wants that it is really the branch that strengthens the melee

The affected abilities are however quite powerful and would otherwise be more valid in a mixed build between the branch Violence and Mystic Assault , without there being any need to give priority to one or the other


Source: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/amara-master-list-of- class-mods / 3300116

SPECIAL EFFECT : Amara gets damage reduction. The bonus is greater the more the distance to the enemy is reduced. Damage reduction up to 29%

This legendary class mod is undoubtedly the best ever for a build strongly oriented to melee damage and survival, making Amara a real unstoppable tank, ready to tear to pieces any unfortunate that is over too close to the most angry siren ever

Important is the milestone bonus “Find your center” , which further increases melee damage, making Amara an overwhelming force thanks to its fists. According to the skill menu, the extension of the melee range is not affected beyond the normal bonus of 75%, but we are pretty sure this information is incorrect: we were able to hit enemies with melee at unthinkable distances, especially when they were close to the ground

In truth, this class mod is suitable for any build, in fact we have experienced a very good cross between the Elemental Fists branch and Violence , which made Amara a multipurpose character and perfectly capable of fighting in any context; furthermore, we could observe how the rebound of the phase close with Eternal Fist resumed every time the range of the melee range “Find your center” .


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