The event Bloody Harvest is the first special event that Gearbox has introduced on Borderlands 3 , in fact unlike the event Celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Borderlands saga is a real event with global impact , limited-time special content including a new map, new equipment and a new family of consecrated effects

At the event Bloody Harvest is also associated a new item in the echo menu, which shows specific challenges to complete before the deadline, completing them we will get access to special rewards. Let's see how to complete these challenges in the best possible way


Taking a look at the challenges of Bloody Harvest you will realize how most of them are decidedly oriented towards a heavy grind, one of those that catches the eye most is the one that requires you to defeat 25 times the captain haunt.

These challenges are also specifically related to the character, their progress cannot be shared, therefore you will not be able to carry them out simultaneously on different characters.

Although this last thing is a big disadvantage, as well as something that we hope gearbox changes in the future, not all the evil comes to harm: in fact, the rewards once released will also be available for all the others, including the skins character. So the best thing to do is put the soul in peace and carry out the challenges of the event with just one character.

Furthermore, even if the grind is clear and obvious, it must be admitted that the duration of more than one month of this event makes the times really not very stringent. By completing Maurice's quest once a day, we could also complete the challenges ahead of schedule.


Some DLC challenges will have specific requirements, such as eliminating enemies in the new area, Heck Hole, using freezing damage. Even if all the challenges can be done with any character, some builds can interfere with progress and hinder us. Let's see what to choose to better manage progress.


Amara is a splendid character with increased elemental efficacy, however the builds based on the Elemental Fists branch are a “big nope” in this event: the additional elemental effect added by some skills is totally destructive to the progress of certain challenges .

The best choice is to opt for the other two branches, especially the central one, Mystic Assault. We refer you to a generic build that we had prepared before the release of the game, the key element is to remember not to activate any ability of the Pugni elemental branch that causes additional elemental effects.


Given that your hunting animal will interfere in every way imaginable with progress, it will still give you considerable advantages due to its bonus when it is used in the field.

One of the best choices to complete the challenges is to make a build with Rakk on the attack, with the modifiers that make the rakk freeze, while for the animal any choice is valid. The Hunter branch is the one to give priority to, while the Relentless branch can provide excellent support to the animal and Fl4k for survival.


Avoiding any build that opts for additional incendiary damage would do you a favor, however Moze does not have a build that is particularly useful for inflicting freezing damage, except to bet on the Iron Bear miniguns with the General Winter modifier and all possible upgrades to the mech. We leave you a possible build as a reference .


Probably there is no better character than Zane for this event, especially for his synergy with the frosting effect and in general with his propensity for high speed movement and high damage, Zane is after all the glass cannon for excellence of this game.

Given that any build will go well, you need to carry around freezing weapons and undoubtedly the builds with the barrier have an advantage for more challenges than Bloody Harvest.


Any play area will be affected by the Bloody Harvest event, so you may find possessed enemies and time-honored equipment with effects related to terror even among the minions of a boss in the main story. In fact, it is a good idea to play the game regularly and return to Maurice whenever you complete a main quest or reach it 25 anime

However, without any doubt the best area of ​​the game to farm is Lectra City su Promethea : this area is nothing short of gigantic and full of enemies, there are also the boss Killavolt , two rare enemies , the starter of One Punch Man and various red boxes farmable, for which one visit to this place is almost certainly destined to do well.

A simple tour for Lectra City in a few minutes can give you the number of souls needed to open the Maurice portal, we also recommend that you always keep the Chaos 1 mode active in order to maximize the progression of the challenges.


Here are the challenges and a tip to complete them quickly:

Good legal cleric

Description : Kill the ghosts (250 times)


There is not much to say, just make sure you kill the ghosts when they emerge from defeated possessed enemies. This challenge will be completed very quickly.

Charle's mark

Description : Collect the loot of the Bloody Harvest


Make sure you take a look at the loot released by the enemies during the Bloody Harvest event, especially from the ghosts: collect any object with the effect of terror or the new legendary weapons to maximize progress.

Good chaotic cleric

Description : Kill the ghosts in Chaos Mode (500 times)


Inexplicably this challenge has a higher requirement than its simpler variant. Limit yourself to activating Chaos 1 and you will complete this challenge within a few days, without even realizing it.

Borman took it

Description : Kill Borman Nates possessed


You will need to find Borman Nates , one of the rare enemies of the game. It is located in the suburbs of Meridian , su Promethea . Please refer to our dedicated guide .

Friends do not die

Description : Kill the Demoskaggon possessed


You will need to find the Demoskaggon , special skag that hide in a bowl near The Droughts su Pandora . Please refer to our dedicated guide .


Description : Kill the possessed hard (150 times)


There is not much to say, we repeat the advice to visit Lectra City su Promethea to run into as many enemies as possible in a short time.

I am Rakkman

Description : Kill Rakkman possessed.


You will need to find Rakkman , one of the rare enemies of Borderlands 3, at Carnivora su Pandora . Please refer to our dedicated guide .

El Campeòn Fantasmal

Description : Kill El Dragòn Jr. possessed


El Dragon Jr. is located at Tenuta Jakobs su Eden 6 , near the entrance to the area. The last of the rare enemies linked to the event, also in this case we refer you to our dedicated guide .

Salt in pumpkin

Description : Equip 3 items of Bloody collected at the same time


Simply equip 3 different objects simultaneously, 3 weapons will also be valid. There are no particular things to watch out for, but sometimes the challenge has some difficulty to register.

Unleash hell

Description : Sacks a legendary object of the Bloody Harvest


The best source of loot in this case are the looters ghosts and the captain Haunt , the boss of the event. Eventually you will meet a legendary, the best thing to do is increase the level of the Chaos Mode .

You looked for it, ciccio

Description : Kill Captain Haunt with a weapon of the Bloody Harvest


Make sure you get the final blow against the boss of this event with a weapon with a consecrated effect linked to the mechanics of terror or with one of the new legendary weapons. We have not tested whether it also works with grenades, but to avoid trouble you should use a regular weapon.

If a player gets this challenge, it will be automatically completed by all other participants in the same cooperative game.

How to drink a glass of blood

Description : Solve the pumpkin puzzle


The pumpkin puzzle is an enigma placed in the middle of Heck Hole . We have explained the solution in a special guide .

A snowball in hell

Description : Kill the enemies possessed with freezing damage in the Hell Well (100 times)


One of the most annoying challenges of the event, to complete it simply turn to Heck Hole with as many freezing weapons as possible, along with an electric or radioactive one to deactivate the shields of the Maliwan soldiers. It is not difficult, it takes only a long time.

Only high-quality plasmas

Description : Kill the looters ghosts (20 times)


Again, this is a challenge that takes a long time, mainly due to the very high rarity of these ghosts compared to the others. Their frequency seems greater to Chaos 1 and to be reduced to Chaos 3 due to the greater occurrence of hard ghosts.

Be sure to destroy these ghosts, which unlike the others will not chase you, but rather will run away from the fight and then vanish

My boss is practically a ghost

Description : Kill Captain Haunt (25 times)


The “worst” challenge of the Bloody Harvest event requires getting well 25 times around Heck Hole and defeat Captain Haunt. As explained, it is less tragic than it seems and by doing it once a day the goal is easily reached. Haunt can also drop the excellent booty once he is defeated


The Bloody Harvest event introduced the special consecrated effects related to the mechanics of terror, as well as some new legendary equipment. We will soon illustrate their properties and how to exploit them to the full.


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