Below you can find the list of legendary SMGs in Borderlands 3 : the weapons will be grouped by producer and by order alphabetical, each of them will be associated with red text , one description of the operation , a general comment and sometimes suggestions for builds, followed by a evaluation from 1 to 5 to the performances of each of them.

Finally, the farming spot of the weapon will be indicated, should there be one specific; Gearbox also claimed to want to extend the loot pools of enemies , since so far most of the weapons are world drop.

NOTE: Part of the guide is still work in progress. Feel free to contact us at our facebook page to leave us feedback or to help us complete the image library.





The SMG Hyperion Bitch makes its comeback, which also maintains its distinctive properties in Borderlands 3: with a significant bonus for critical damage, precision and rate of fire , a character is able to inflict a lot of damage thanks to this weapon. In addition, he always has a subchannel attachment for increased melee damage.

In the right hands, Bitch still has much to say, especially in the hands of FL4K or especially Moze , which has several skills that increase weapon damage and above all work in synergy with critical damage such as Rapid Burning and Experimental Ammunition .




Open the gate.

The Hyperion Crossroad can be classified as one of the strongest SMGs in the game . He fires 3 shots at a time, consuming 2, in a burst of 6. Despite having suffered a nerf, who carried the shots fired from 4 to 3, he remains an exceptional weapon.

Always with elemental damage, it is particularly strong on characters like Amara and, whether in the freezing or non-free version, on Zane, who can take advantage of multiple hits to make the most of Serve Cold .

Having removed these last two cases , a Crossroad is able to compete with many shotguns in terms of damage and is almost always a correct choice in preparing a loadout for any character


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


This is the end of my journey

La Hyperion ZX 41 has an effect similar to Conference Call , with some minor changes: when it hits an enemy , it starts two perpendicular projectiles. Such extra bullets can bounce off inert surfaces and can hit the same target again several times, if in a fairly small space.

It can be found with any elemental damage and is presented as an object by crowd control , with particular effectiveness in narrow spaces … which certainly do not abound in the game, with some exceptions.

Its accuracy, as it shoots, becomes incredibly high but requires some effort to score critical hits, the only way to inflict good damage.

It is a weapon with statistics from legendary weapon but, certainly, not superior, equivalent or able to cover situations that the twin Crossroad not is able to cover


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Bullets are cheap, but not so much.

This curious SMG Hyperion uses money as ammunition … literally! Each shot fired is removed from the money supply and the maximum ammunition equals the total assets of the hunter holding it.

As a weapon in itself, it has average statistics compared to the purple Hyperion SMG, however it is a weapon to be avoided absolutely in the early game. In fact, using this weapon means consuming your money with a certain speed, going against the thing that instead, most of all, serves in the early game: buy MMP for backpack, ammunition and grenades.


WHERE TO GET IT: Lucinda Viendalfango (and all the Varkid Viendalfango she generates)



The SMG Hyperion Handsome Jackhammer is recharged like a Tedior, or by throwing it. After launching the Jackhammer, it bounces off exploding 5 times, meanwhile shooting round-up bullets. Moreover, it falls into the category of talking weapons with the voice of no-nonsense that Jack the Fair himself

In itself it is a good weapon, capable of inflicting good damage, especially when recharging. However, one must beware of the explosions, which also damage the Crypt Hunter who threw it. In early games it can be a difficult object to manage, especially for the consumption of ammunition that this weapon involves.

The use of this weapon can also be solely justified by the sharp beats spoken with the voice of Jack the Fair , whose charisma continues to extend into Borderlands 3.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy



Now you can raise yourself

The Cloud Kill is a SMG particularly linked to the quest with which it is obtained. Direct mention of Maya's eponymous skill in Borderlands 2, produces a similar effect: by striking an enemy, it produces a cloud that inflicts corrosive damage.

With a reduced recharge time and an increased rate of fire, this SMG is great for crowd control and for particularly static or large bosses.

The only real defect is its being only in a corrosive version


WHERE TO GET IT: It is received as a mission reward after breaking down the Furious and talking to Ava


They pay me to destroy.

The Destructo Spinner is a particular SMG Maliwan. After a brief charge, the Destructo Spinner deals both elemental damage that it possesses, firing the bullets into a vortex rose. Pressing the weapon's fire selector changes the area damage that the SMG inflicts. The damage done is really high, especially if you have some upgrades for the elemental damage of the weapon in question.

The rate of fire also allows you to literally flood the enemy in front of the Hunter with a shower of bullets that hardly survives. In fact, this weapon is able to kill the target before the loader empties most of the time. Moreover, this weapon is also able to partially obviate any Chaos modifiers that penalize some elemental damage, since it fires projectiles from both its elements.

Amara can derive particular benefit from this weapon, since it is able to accentuate further the already high elemental damage of the weapon.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Here is your sample

Without the short recharge time, the Devoted is a good SMG Maliwan that increases its rate of fire as it shoots.

The capacity of the Devoted loader works hand in hand with the increasing rate of fire, so as to make the Devoted a good weapon, able to fire for a long time and inflict serious damage if all the projectiles hit.

Its use can be optimized both by Amara, who has the best elemental build among all the characters, and by Moze, which allows particular synergies thanks to the Munitions, Lead Bank and Travel Stocks skills. Furthermore, Clicking Clicks, also by Moze, increase the damage as the magazine empties, making the Devoted even more devastating.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Little android, born without a soul

This weapon is probably the most powerful SMG of the whole game. The Cutsman shoots projectiles at reduced speed that separate in mid-air, and then connect with an elemental discharge. Even after the nerf implemented by Gearbox, the Cutsman remains an extremely strong weapon, given that the slow bullets and the elemental discharge are able to hit the same target several times and inflict massive damage on them

We can afford not to be precise, since the split of the bullets in mid-air makes the range of the weapon more than a straight line, a cone. A fairly large enemy, like a boss, suffers particularly from the rose of Cutsman's bullets, just as it becomes incredibly easy to handle small groups of enemies for the same reason.

In practice, this is the definitive weapon that is simply strong and effective in virtually any scenario.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy



La Tsunami is a SMG maliwan returning from the first Borderlands, a title in which it was a pearlescent weapon. In Borderlands 3 it preserves the same qualities and indeed, Gearbox has succeeded in making it even stronger: its peculiarity consists in being able to simultaneously shoot non-elemental, electric and corrosive bullets, each with a specific pattern and pellet count

The benefits of Tsunami are carried by a maximum of Amara , which will potentially be able to inflict all three of the game's most effective elemental effects at the same time (adding incendiary damage with abilities) and is used at most when used close range or against large targets




I may believe you, but my miter no.

Westergun, like Devoted, does not have a charging time before firing. The peculiarity of Westergun is, on the contrary, a large area of ​​effect for


WHERE TO GET IT: Athenas, drop of Soldier Beans.



We do not need … well, something …

After a perfect performance in the first Borderlands and a fall in style in Borderlands 2, the Hellfire returns to Borderlands 3 … continuing the descent.

This weapon does not prove to be a valid choice in front of the other legendary SMGs and is sometimes outclassed by weapons of violet or even blue quality , with the right consecrated bonuses.

Not even fully satisfying as an elemental weapon, given that there are significant alternatives, and its being limited to the incendiary element certainly does not help make it a versatile weapon.


WHERE TO GET IT: Jabbermogwai



The 9-Volt is an excellent SMG whose firing mode is always exclusively in burst mode. The weapon has a specific fire pattern, similar to an inverted triangle with a center point, excellent damage per shot and a very high rate of fire, as well as having bullets of enormous size, like the legendary pistol Dahl AAA . The 9-Volt also is always only and exclusively electric

The weapon achieves the ideal performance if used roughly as a shotgun, therefore it will give the maximum at close range. This is one of the strongest SMGs in the game and is ideal on Moze and Amara, which can maximize its capabilities


WHERE TO GET IT: Killavolt at Lectra City


Stranger than things.

SMG Dahl able to inflict freezing damage during the day and incendiary at night. Its high cadence and the absence of a delay between the gusts, make it a formidable weapon able to adapt to most situations.

Each character can find a good use for this weapon, first of all Zane , which can exploit its properties to inflict freezing status and, at the same time, extensive damage. In general, Zane cannot do without this weapon in a build that includes Calm and Concentrated

This happens because it is a weapon with a rose of bullets quite narrow, resulting therefore extremely surgical in inflicting critical blows. Even Moze can take advantage of this aspect of Night Hawkin , thanks to the skills Rapid Burning and Experimental Ammunition .


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Now they say that I am a doctor.

Just as the card says: enemies hit in close combat suffer more projectile damage from the Ripper . He always has the bayonet as an attachment under the barrel and hitting enemies with it makes the targets literally bleeding

The tests conducted revealed that the damage is substantially higher than an excellent one 100% . This weapon, despite being on the whole average, is a good choice, especially in middle-game.

It is not necessarily usable or exploitable by any character but you can increase the general effectiveness of the weapon with the grenade It's Piss . This grenade makes the enemy the 20% more vulnerable to any source of damage and, in addition, removes the elemental statuses applied to targets within the range of the grenade. This last effect also applies to the Crypt Hunter, who can use the It's Piss both to further increase the damage inflicted and as a defense against elemental status, as a sort of cover for the incredibly aggressive style of play promoted by the Ripper.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Slide into your cave

The SMG Dahl Vanquisher significantly increases the rate of fire during the slip. Moreover, it increases by 20% the speed of the slide.

Using the Vanquisher is more of a challenge than anything else , given that to make the weapon effective, you have to make continuous slips. Even the fire rate bonus does not play particularly in favor of the weapon, since it does not cause so much incisive benefits in terms of efficiency in the clashes. Moreover, it is never elemental.

Despite being a practically useless weapon from every point of view, there are interesting synergies with the relics of the class Snowdrift and with Zane . Combining the bonus with the Vanquisher's speed and Snowdrift artifacts, in addition to all the various Zane movement speed upgrades, you get a speed that eliminates any timing in terms of farming


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


Phenomenal cosmic powers in a tiny living space

The Sleeping Giant gets random bonuses each time it is reloaded, as a unique property. Having a Sleeping Giant in your loadout is literally a lottery. In itself, its higher rate of fire than normal makes it a good SMG but the bonuses it gets after recharging are too random to be called a weapon to rely on.

Despite this, when the improvement to the rate of fire is activated, the Sleeping Giant becomes an object of all respect.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy



Say “cryptocurrency”!.

The hilarious easter egg in honor of Elon Musk , who promised to build a flamethrower, is listed as SMG. The damage of the Long Musket is really high and the continuous fire is able to cause huge damages to the flesh of any enemy.

However, the weapon does not enjoys a good range , forcing the player to stay dangerously close to the opponents

Being able to exploit the increased loaders of Moze could be crucial to be able to carry more damage, both by recharging and simply by increasing the duration of the blaze, as well as the usual Amara can take advantage of it to inflict elemental damage, supported by the ability Personal Space , which allows it to inflict greater damage at close range.




I want to talk to you about my best friend

The Ten Gallon is a powerful SMG of the Tediore that stands out for having a considerable damage per hit, far superior to the competition and to the other SMG Tediore.

The real quality of the Ten Gallon however is another: in fact, when it is recharged, the weapon does not use the regular Tediore weapons recharging methods, but turns into a drone that follows the player and shoots all nearby targets until the ammunition runs out, and then explodes.

Abilities applied to weapons also fall on Ten Gallon in drone mode, although this will be incapable of inflicting critical damage. The drone follows the player even if it changes weapons and automatically explodes if it does not face other enemies for a few seconds. Furthermore, refills do not generate new drones, but recharge the existing drone.

It is used in the “Build Drone Army” of some characters.


WHERE TO GET IT: no specific place or enemy


I am trying to become as intelligent as Krang.

The SMG Tediore Smart-Gun XXL takes the concept of self-propelled weapon to the extreme. Always corrosive, recharging the Smart-Gun XXL makes a brain / spider appear that chases and shoots enemies , to then explode and inflict area damage.

With the Smart-Gun XXL you can create numerous minions that can invade the battlefield and one Moze with a build specifically designed for Tediore weapons is in able to control the collision effectively. Even the raw damage of the weapon is particularly good, making it an effective weapon in the early game, where it is also possible to find it, at Gigamente .


WHERE TO GET IT: Giantly at Meridian Metroplex


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