Borderlands, as we know, has never been a stranger to citationism; in perfect line with his spirit, there have always been goodies and easter eggs that refer to other video games, comics and, more generally, to popular culture.

In this article we speak specifically of a Japanese work that literally pierced the internet, One Punch Man , and of a great return, as an easter egg already present in Borderlands 2, Batman .

The first will allow us to meet a tough psycho by name One Punch and the second with 'now known Rakkman .

Both, then, possess their specific loot, respectively a shotgun called Jackobs One Pump Chump and a repeater gun Dahl named Night Flyer .

But first let's see how to discover easter eggs

How to find One Punch's easy egg

First of all, you have to travel on Promethea, more specifically to Lectra City , the city where you face Killavolt .

Afterwards, you have to go to a specific point on the map, the entrance to the underground tunnel leading to the room where you can spawn One Punch .

It is a point very forward of the map but easily identifiable

The indicator we placed indicates the scales that must be descended to access the aforementioned tunnel.

Get off there

Once you get off, continue straight and then do as in the video: clean the corridor from the enemies and then go to the room

Once inside, you will find yourself in front of a series of levers, knobs and a button. These elements of the scenario with which you can interact serve to open the door from which One Punch will come out and each of them will turn on or off one or more TVs next to the door itself. Once all the screens are turned on, One Punch will exit the door.

Unfortunately, the correct sequence of pull levers is variable . Our advice is to try to pull them all trying to understand the logic of each of them and memorize (or mark on a sheet) the sequence to be able to spawn One Punch.

In any case, we have numbered each switch to facilitate you in this task (our sequence is 14522)

We must turn on all the televisions so that the door opens!

One Punch is a particular hard psycho that, just like the real Saitama , is able to kill anything with a single punch . And One Punch, in fact, even if you are on the level 50, with shields, active barriers and all sorts of possible protection, is able to send you in Fight for life with only one attack!

One Pump Chump

One Punch's only loot is One Pump Chump , a particular legendary Jackobs shot.

This shotgun has several peculiarities: it is a shotgun that shoots only one pellet , the loader houses a single cartridge, has a very high precision and, above all, each stroke has the 50 % possibility of not consuming .

How to find Rakkman's easy egg

Rakkman is located in a more advanced area of ​​the game than One Punch. In fact, to be able to find it you will have to travel on Pandora , more precisely to Carnivora , where the self-propelled arena of VOC .

The custom indicator at the top indicates the small cave where it is possible to find Rakkman .

easter egg
easter egg
An enlargement to better see where is the cave of Rakkman

Rakkman , as mentioned may or may not appear . This is easy to understand: just look into the sky and look for the “ bat-signal “. If it is present, then Rakkman is there waiting for you in his “rakk-cave”!

However, it is not very easy to find it. You can also see it at the entrance of the large sandy area, where you can take the vehicle. We point out the area in which to look with a red circle.

We advise you to use a sniper rifle for convenience. Here, a further video

easter egg
This is the point on the map where you can observe the sky in search of the signal
easter egg
There he is! Rakkman is in his cave!

Once your presence is clear, go to the marked point just above (or if you are more comfortable, head towards the signal) and enter the cave. You will find Rakkman waiting for you there.

Night Flyer

Rakkman can drop the Dahl pistol Night Flyer , bearing a very special property: just like Batman, this weapon does not kill! Equipped with good damage, it will be limited to reducing enemies to 1 HP .



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