Announced when Borderlands 3 had barely two weeks of life, the event Bloody Harvest has finally arrived, corresponding to the commemorative event for the 10 years of the series, of which he is currently in during the fourth week of celebration. Together with the Gearbox event it released a major update which brings together the cumulative hotfixes so far, introduces further rebalancing and bug fixes, photo features and Twitch Echocast support have also been introduced on the console.

How was the event Bloody Harvest ?


After having trawled the event with a character, completing most of the challenges, we can say that we were very satisfied with this free event, the proportions of a micro-DLC, on which, however, there are much more than simple “margins” for improvement. Let's talk about it


The event Bloody Harvest marries the same philosophy as the DLC Headhunter of Borderlands 2, tracing them almost in full as volume, humor and writing in general. During the event a new NPC will appear on Sanctuary III, Maurice , an intelligent saurian who will ask us for help in exterminating an infestation that has struck the galaxy; entering the game during the course of the event, with any character, we will be automatically contacted by Maurice and will start the quest, without having to look for it on our behalf ..

From here begins the real event , consisting of a repeatable quest: in the municipalities play areas we will find ghost-haunted enemies, who will come out of their bodies as they are defeated and attack us, applying the debuff terror. At the same time, defeating these ghosts will allow us to obtain new loot, governed by a unique game mechanic of the event, in addition to accumulating essence to open a portal for “Heck Hole” .

In this place, which is based on the set of the planet Athenas , we will finish the quest by facing hordes of undead Maliwan soldiers and their commander, Captain Haunt (note the word game with Traunt).

The manner in which the quest takes place at Heck Hole is very reminiscent of the assaults of Destiny , all seasoned and accompanied by the typical Borderlands atmosphere. Although perhaps the quest is too short and there are legitimate doubts about the repetitiveness of the contents, in general we had the impression that the proportions were adequate, especially for a free event that comes shortly after launch and after we have seen a support so constant and valid since launch.


In itself Borderlands 3 is an extremely generous title on the front of the loot, practically incomparable to its predecessors, also because of the increase brought by the Chaos mode. Bloody Harvest further enhanced this quality: the Chaos 3 mode is now a veritable rain of loot, with the terrain of the border lands dotted with high quality equipment

Bloody Harvest has introduced a new kind of consecrated effects, governed by the mechanics of terror : the more terror we accumulate, the more consecrated weapons become powerful, with effects that vary from increased performance to health regeneration or ammunition, but also more specific effects, linked to the ability to act. There are also some equipment that allow you to inflict terror , allowing you to keep this game mechanic in the future, even when the event is over.

It is a new way of playing that we honestly did not expect, also seen as the Headhunters had never introduced anything like this, focusing instead on the small details of each adventure.

Furthermore, the event introduced a series of new legendary equipment, we got to get our hands on a legendary sniper rifle, the Stalker , which turned out to be fairly good for being a Dahl E-tech, but also a special nova gelante shield, the Scream of Terror , finally a powerful shotgun hyperion, the Fearmonger ; also these equipments seem to be strengthened by terror, though in a more subtle way


The event is associated with unique challenges, which if completed give access to some special rewards, including charms and skins for characters and weapons. These are relatively grinding challenges, none of which is exaggerated as a requirement, except perhaps a couple that are too demanding (defeat 25 times the Captain Haunt and kill 100 possessed enemies with freezing damage … only and exclusively in Heck Hole).

In return, the new area Heck Hole gave us great satisfaction and proved once again as Borderlands 3 still has a lot to give, more precisely how much we can still take advantage of the settings present in the base game. Athenas was undoubtedly the least exploited planet of all, we were very happy to be able to visit it again, although in this rather bizarre role (which in any case does not constitute a reskin).

The flow of this area is particularly suitable, in fact the area is separated into three areas: a cemetery, a bloody cave and the final necropolis , where the boss battle takes place. In this regard, Captain Haunt is an excellent boss , especially if we consider the new game mechanics that Borderlands 3 introduced: we have a much more intelligent and considered use of the phases of invicibility , without these are a time window of nothingness.

To defeat Haunt we will have to destroy whatever phylactery appears on the map and make it invincible, by way of Minecraft Ender Dragon , although in general this boss fight really reminds us of those of Destiny and the bosses at the end of his assaults, especially Bracus Zahn .


Certainly in the future we would like a more substantial and less repetitive activity, not necessarily based on this cyclical game mechanic: it would not hurt to have a large area-hub style Floodmoor Basin , in which there are a series of activities to be completed by turning freely, instead of having a linear path (however consistent and valid).

That said, this Bloody Harvest was a good start for Borderlands 3 , which bodes well for the next free DLC, where we will again (and perhaps for the last time) confront the Maliwan army in a direct confrontation


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