Borderlands 3 came out and the players could finally throw themselves in search of the alien crypts in the craziest universe in the history of games of the loot-shooter genre. In these early days we were able to try the title, perhaps the most anticipated of the year, and develop some ideas on different characters. Today we give you some tips on how to develop Amara , the playable siren in this title, on its branch strongly based on damage elementals, “Elemental fists” .


Pugni Elementali

In the our analysis held before the release we had made some observations on each character branch, including its own Elemental fists , which turned out to be inaccurate in the final version

If you intend to develop this branch, it can immediately imprint the character towards a build elementale , also on the first levels of play on Pandora, where elemental weapons, especially of quality, will be scarce.

To do this, you absolutely must invest points in the skill Infusion , which will convert part of the damage inflicted by bitter in the elemental damage of his action ability. Now, this ability that we totally ignored in our first analysis, is without a doubt the most important of the whole character , regardless of the build made, but certainly in the elemental builds: this will allow you to use any weapon, including a Torgue or a Jakobs, as if it were an elemental weapon.

Furthermore, by using weapons that already have an elemental effect, this will allow you to apply multiple status effects simultaneously, since even the converted damage can apply state effects. For example, combine an incendiary weapon with the electrical damage of the infusion (or vice versa) and you will have in your hand a vehicle that will be able simultaneously to melt the meat and damage the protective shields of the enemies, worn by all the soldiers of Maliwan, encountered by the second planet forward.

The skill Uncontrolled fire , on the contrary, to our test proved to be rather poor , almost irrelevant overall, in fact the radius in which the elemental contamination is applied is decidedly reduced . We suggest to avoid this ability totally and instead invest in Anima , which will greatly increase the damage inflicted by state effects , also increasing your ability to inflict damage while reloading weapons or fighting for life.

With 5 Infusion points, 5 in Anima, illuminated Terror and Fists milestones, level 15 your Amara will already be a portentous fighter, whose elemental damage will have no equal among the other characters in the game.


On this branch there are very powerful modifiers, which we advise you to keep active even in the following levels. First of all, the Strait phase modified with Eternal Fist is one of the best possible variants for Amara's skill in action, especially during cooperative gameplay: by activating it, you will effectively extend the maximum duration of the phase squeeze.

Combining the previous modifier with Attraction , whose radius of action is less than that of Convergence by Maya, you will have more chances to inflict damage and a good crowd control, which will become more evident in particularly crowded areas and in narrow playing areas

You will also have the modifier Mystical Fire , which you should activate depending on the need: our strategy was to activate it when elementary weapons were scarce, to infuse them all with incendiary damage, particularly effective against almost all of the enemies in this title; continuing, our inventory was populated by many incendiary weapons, so we opted to turn it off and take advantage of the electric infusion, great for bringing down the shields of maliwan soldiers, who will become preponderant from a certain point ahead of the title.


Pugni elementali

Once the level has been passed 15, our suggestion is to activate the three points in Mani Ferme , in order to get a substantial bonus to Amara's performance with weapons, as well as unlock the next level of the branch.

Having done this, the second half of this branch is made up of excellent abilities, we would advise you to activate them all, but there is definitely an order of priority to follow.

Deep well and Indiscriminate are the first two skills to give our attention to: we will get a good increase in the size of the magazine and the probability of bouncing our bullets, a bonus that matches well the skills seen up to Now. We also suggest you take advantage of it and match the bouncing of the bullets to the skills of some weapons you will get from the secondary missions around this point in history.

As regards the ability Catarsi , we suggest investing only one point and letting the the rest is covered by a class mod: the ability is very powerful indeed, but its operating range is limited and you should make sure to invest in the remaining skills.

We therefore suggest spending one point on Support and the others 4 in Confluence : at this point you will be able to apply many state effects, the single point in support will already provide you with a regeneration passive rather important, usable to recover energy from behind the covers.


We suggest leaving the action skill configured exactly as indicated in the previous point, since the modifiers of this part of the branch are not as exciting as the initial ones.


Pugni Elementali

At the level 28 you will have achieved the milestone of the branch, paving the way for further combinations made possible by the characteristic skill system of the series. We will not give you advice on how to spend the next points in this guide, since the first run of the title will limit you roughly to the level 30.

At this point you can seriously consider a respec of the branch, since the final ability, Forced transfer , has an effect similar to Infusion : instead of converting the elemental damage of the action skill, this will be added directly, increasing the damage inflicted by the weapons of 18%.

In that case, you could try to invest the 5 Infusion points in the skills Storm and Uncontrolled Fire , as well as leaving the build intact.

Our suggestion focuses on the first of the three possibilities : in this way, we can actually get a remarkable increase to elemental damage, especially if the action skill will inflict electrical damage, our weapons will also be able to inflict significantly increased damage through forced transfer.

We leave you the link of the example build on the official website .


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